Huge win!!!

wow this team will make you have a heart attack!! but that was a huge win!!

You should be the coach

I am ecstatic and stunned and exhausted.
This game is maddening.

HOGS WIN! :smiley:

Interesting night to be sitting in the midst of a bunch of loud,obnoxious, sweaty LSU fans. They were in their glory until the 8th. I figured we would have another run but when we blew a bases loaded opportunity, I became a little worried… I hope Murphy has some magic tonight.

This type of game hurts more for a home team to lose especially since LSU is struggling to make the playoffs. Now lets go win the next two and really piss them off. I hate everything LSU…


Murphy has had more movement lately than Knight so I look for the hogs to build a lead today with Hilliard on the mound for LSU and we should get into their bullpen early! Maybe the hogs can add another 3 or 4 homers to the season total with a few runners on base!
Win today and tomorrow just hang on for a long one!

Not to be a Debbie Downer after such a huge win, but I’m a little concerned about Knight. He hasn’t had his best stuff in the last three starts. I know he says he feels good and nothing is wrong, but I wonder if his arm is a bit fatigued at this point. Hope not because we’re going to need him to come up big time if we want to get to Omaha.

Me too, this…

I was wondering the same thing. He just doesn’t seem to have as much control with some of his pitches the last few starts. He seems to get a little frustrated with these multi foul off pitches with some batters.