Huge Win......WPS

Way to go…come back on the road…just huge.

Awesome and very big win.

Very impressive! Never gave up when it started to slip away. What can you say about Mason Jones? He slips the dagger in right when it’s needed, like a bullfighter. I hope to see some packed houses rocking at the Bud Dome.

That was a very big win. It’s nice to see shooters making shots in my opinion that’s been missing for years now. I don’t like to schedule predict but January looks like a winning month so does February and honestly the last 2 conf games in March should be wins heading into the conf tourney.

cmcclain wrote, “It’s nice to see shooters making shots. In my opinion that’s been missing for years now.” I would like to add so it is with the “lock down” defense and the team rebounding. We may not have the tallest players, but boy do they play hard, don’t get down on themselves, and appear to play some of the best fundamental basketball that I have seen from college teams lately. Gonna really enjoy the remainder of the year, but (as others have alluded to) I can’t wait until he gets his own recruits with some height in the post.

Cardiac Kids! The last 7 1/2 minutes were beautiful. Outscored IN by 14 during that stretch. Our guys are in better shape than the Hoosiers’ players. Our 7 players wore out their 10. You could see the difference at the end of the game. While we were tired (and it showed), they were exhausted. Their best FT shooter couldn’t get the ball over the rim.

We made shots at the end, but our pressure man defense was what started that late run to take the 5, then 7 point lead. Great pressure free throw shooting by Joe at the end, when we were still in the 1 & 1.

Statement win! Get ready SEC, here come the Hogs!

This is the kind of comment I don’t get. How quickly some forget Bell and Hannahs together, then Macon, Barford and Hannahs together and then Joe and Jones just last year. We have been blessed with some nice shooters over the years.

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WOO PIG! ghg

I agree PJ. The poster also said he didn’t like to make predictions and then started making predictions. The entire post made me chuckle.

Great team play and I give our new BB coach Musselman so much credit for his strict but calming affect on the entire team and staff. Everyone is contributing during the game, during timeouts and after the game. The way it should have been all along during Anderson’s tenure. The assistants don’t just stand around and mumble a few words. They contribute to the cause as needed and are cohesive with Coach M’s system setup… Great game !!! And to have done it on Indiana’s home court! … Hope this puts us in the top 25 next week, for sure top 30…

All I have to say about beating Indiana is, “WOW - Go Hogs”.

I was referring to having players that can make shots consistently in big games. We always had athletes that could run fast and jump high but not many shooters that can make jump shots consistently.

Is every win going to be followed with revisionist history and subtle jabs at Anderson? Let it go and enjoy the wins. It’s highly irritating!

AMEN! I love our new coach and our early success this season. I also appreciate the amazing job Mike did in bringing our basketball program out of the ashes of the Pelphrey era. We should remember that Mike left us Joe, Jones, Bailey, Desi, Chaney, and Harris. Now, CEM is doing a great job with Mike’s players + Whitt.

Mike is doing great at St Johns, and their fans now love him as much as we love CEM. It was a great change for both schools, coaches, and players.

Right on the money, harleyhawgidson

You can believe what you want, but the names I mentioned have shot the ball as well or better than Joe and Jones, including Joe and Jones last year. Go check the shooting percentages. Arkansas was SEC’s best and one of the nation’s best three point shooting team during Bell’s senior year with Dusty and then following year with Macon, Barford and Hannahs we were also one of the SEC leaders? None of Hannahs, Bell, Macon, Barford run fast or jump high. If they did they will be in NBA right now.

Whats amazing to me is that of the 7 players that play most all of the minutes CMA is responsible for everyone of them except Whitt. Although he did get Whitt the first time around.

CMA and his staff were great at finding players that most staffs overlooked or didn’t think highly of.

Between CMA and Muss they are totally different coaching styles and its a testament to our players for accepting change and thriving in it.

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We also had 6’8” Gabe and 6’11” Gafford. This coach is impressive to get these results with such a small lineup. We also play smart fundamental ball. I don’t think the last coach would stand a chance with this lineup. He’s gone. Let it go PLEASE.

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I agree the players have done a great job of adjusting and buying into the new system. But the credit also goes to Musselman for getting them to buy into it. I am surprised and quite pleased how well it has come together, regardless of what happens from here on. I think not having a single freshman and at least a year of experience for all plus a fifth year PG helps that process too. It would have been more difficult with having to break some freshmen in,

On the other side, I think CMA would have loved to coach this year’s team. With Gafford gone, this team would have fit his style a lot better. He would have three 6-8 guys in Chaney, Gabe and Henderson and 6-6 Bailey on the front line and not having to feed the post, giving guards that freedom to create and shoot.

First, nice to know that Gabe has now become a key player.

Second, this same team minus Whitt and plus Gabe took Indiana to the wire at Bloomington in March as the fourth youngest team in the nation and you know who coached that team.