Huge W

Now that is the way to play Basketball!!

Congad’s Hogs, players and Mike!!

Great win. Get the road monkey off our back early in conference season. Build confidence. Get to even in our record. Way to go, men!

Nice road win that’s what this team needed to gain some confidence.

If we start rebounding consistently like we shoot free throws - wow.

Nice win.

Now let’s beat Kentucky!!!

Last 11 points from the FT line.

I thought MK’s missed 1&1 and then the block against Moses put the Vols back in the game. But we held on…

ON the road!! Huge W

Indeed, very nice win. Macon is clutch.

Our RPI jumped 10 to 14 spots on a couple of the live simulation sites after this win (amazing what a road W can do). We’ll see what it does on the NCAA list when it updates tomorrow (we were 42nd this morning, which would be roughly a 10-11 seed). And early January is just about when RPI starts to mean something as conference play gets rolling.

Sure will help. Now we need to take care of home court. And not steal but TAKE some more on the road.
Beating Kentucky would help. And the kid made a decision, let it go. Sure would be nice to take them down.
I was actually hoping for 1-2 in the first 3. We’re there.

[color=#FF0000]BTW-- WINNING sure cures a lot of ailments. [/color]
Does it take a little bit of the sting of last week. It does for me.

great win…nice to feel good after last week…