Huge Shoutout to Hogs2009

I coach a girls AAU team and we are in a fantasy league together and i posted a fundraiser bracketology for our team. Was trying to raise money for two girls that can’t afford their fees and a team cookout in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

He went straight past the bracketology and made a sizeable donation. He’s proabably not going to appreciate the shoutout because he seems like the type of guy that tries to remain anonymous on here.

Hog fans are good folks. We don’t always click on a message board or on twitter but in real life we’d argue and buy each other dinner and a beer and no matter how much negativity and bickering, we all want the Hogs to win.

Well done Hogs2009. You’re a great man, no doubt in my mind. Sorry for the call out but it was a big deal.


You’re gonna blow my persona on here

Don’t worry, my opinion of you hasn’t changed :wink:

Much respect 2009

Lol. Sorry man.

My hats off to you 2009 ! WPS

This is a really cool story that we can relate to. My son and I coach and train a boys AAU team in a small town in Alabama. Our first year we had a kid we wanted to be on the team but his parents came to us and said he couldn’t be. Turns out both parents had recently been laid off and they simply didn’t have the extra money. We only ask about $200 a year and our business eats the rest. My son took the mother aside and offered a scholarship for that year. They agreed and their son is still playing for us 3 years later.

Flash forward to this year. His parents came to us and asked if they could scholarship someone this year. They had got back on their feet in good jobs and wanted to help. Turns out we had a kid that needed it so we accepted. Made them feel so good and they just wanted to make sure we told no one about it because no one ever knew we did it for them.

People can be really great given the correct opportunity. Hats off to Hogs2009 for reminding me of this and for his help with a kid that just wants to play.

Awesome dude!!

Lending a helping hand helps all of us.
Thank you.