Huge series this weekend (to state the obvious)

I know if you win enough, every series, every game, becomes bigger and bigger, but dang this series is huge. GOT to win at least one game, if we win 2, HUGE HUGE, a sweep, well, it would be how coach BB felt about beating Texas! :smiley:

We just can’t get swept.

I am not sure how good Auburn is, when I think of powerhouse college baseball teams, AU doesn’t come to mind. But they for sure have a great record this year and are at home. Baseball is a funny game, anything can happen. (Just think about how good we would be feeling if we get that 3rd out against LSU on Saturday night? We would all be thinking Omaha I suspect).

I’m thinking Omaha, anyway. However, you’re right. Had we gotten that out, we’d be 2 games ahead of the 2nd place team in the league. With the way the schedule is shaping up, we’d be looking really strong for the SEC title and a national seed.

I know it’s always tough to get to the CWS & some luck is always required, but I think this team is better than some we’ve sent there. If the pitching depth continues to improve, I really like our chances.

Huge series news as Casey Mize, Auburn’s ace and the potential conference pitcher of the year, won’t start Friday and is doubtful for the weekend: … sas-start/