Huge series starting tonight

We really need to win this series and would be great if we could sweep but LSU is playing very very well. They are second in the league in hitting and pitching. Their lineup will be the best we face all year outside of Tennessee. Their first five or six guys in the lineup are as good as we’re going to see especially 4-5 Barry and Joebert who are very aggressive and don’t miss anything in the zone. I’m sure they’re going to start Hilliard who is totally dominated us every time he’s faced us. He throws the huge curveball kind of like Ramage but his is as much better.
We will have to hit and pitch the ball much better than we have in any series this year to pull it off… Connor has been fantastic so far hopefully he keeps it up. This first game is absolutely huge.


The weather looks perfect for tonight so I’m glad the series is starting Thursday rather than Friday.


Slavens has started hitting again. Really need Moore to get on track.


Yeah we really need Moore and Turner to start driving the ball hard, hopefully Slavens can stay on track…we’re going to need everybody at their best this series.

I haven’t really heard our crowd this year that much to be honest hopefully this series will start to bring back the passion that we had at the end of last year. Starting on Thursday hopefully will not keep people from coming out tonight.

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The weather and basketball impacted fan support for sure so far

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The weather was nice and the basketball team was eliminated by the Mississippi State series. I was surprised to see so many empty seats that Friday night. The crowd was better for the Saturday game.

I think there will be a nice crowd Saturday if the weather is good. There will be some people who come for the open football scrimmage and stay for baseball.

I’m not sure what to expect tonight. I would hope there will be more people there for the Friday game than were there for the Friday game two weeks ago. Student attendance in the Hog Pen might be down some as many go home for the holiday.

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The hogs just need to play well! Failing to make the routine play cost the hogs at Florida. Hitting with runners in scoring position has also been a sore thump! The old good out thing comes into play too! No outs runner at 2B move the runner to 3B at least. Right Net on 3B and 0 or 1 out you should get that base runner to the plate! Score when you are suppose to and the hogs will be fine. Pitching to this point in the season hasn’t been the issue. It’s been the offense or the lack of offense.

I thought pitching was the issue in Game 3 at Florida. Seven runs should be enough to win.


It’s been a combination of pitching and lack of timely hitting is why we’ve lost pretty much all of our games. We can look back in most every game we’ve lost and see where if we would have gotten a key hit with runners on base it would have totally changed the game. The pitching sometimes has let us down with walks, hit batters, wild pitches etc… We’re at the point of time in the year where we got to clean up all of that stuff if we plan on winning against the teams we’re about to be playing from here on out in the SEC… it’s time to start Rocking our Roll.

Huge series, indeed. This is where we will find out exactly what this team is made of, as LSU comes in hot and on a roll.

Even though the Hogs have won the last two series against the Tigers, they have pretty much dominated us over the years, so it would be really nice to add another series win to our modest steak against them.

I really think Moore will break out of his slump this weekend. And hopefully the other guys can stay hot. Who would have believed 10 days ago that Slavens and Webb would have a much higher average than Moore. Just tells me that Bob is due to deliver those big hits we’ve been accustomed to seeing from him in the past.

And Mr. Battles has been incredible at the plate lately. We are going to need some timely hits from everyone.

Our series wins have been against 3 teams in the bottom 3rd of the rankings. And LSU won two at Florida, scoring 16 and 11 the last two games there, so they will score some runs.

Should be a really fun series. I know there will be quite a few LSU fans in the stands, as always. I’ve been reading about their complaining over the high price they are having to pay for tickets through StubHub. Hopefully Hog fans show up this time and show out!

Game one in this series is key. Hopefully Noland continues to pitch well and we get him a few runs early against Hilliard.

LSU can hit with anyone. You’d expect that of a team with three potential first-round picks in the lineup.

The Tigers’ Achilles this season has been their defense, which is kind of shocking because LSU is usually so good in the field. They have a .957 fielding percentage coming into the weekend. That’s not much better than Grambling or UAPB.

Arkansas has been good at making teams pay for errors. It will be interesting to see if that is the case this week.

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Weather forecast is not favorable for Saturday.

Any chance the will play two on Friday?

I doubt it. Friday’s game is on SEC Network, so there is no changing that start time.

LSU is chartering a flight here, so there is plenty of time to play Saturday. The hope is to play it on time, but it can start later in the day if needed. The Weather Service forecast indicates there will be a window to play Saturday.

Sunday’s forecast looks worst of the next four days. I think it will work out well that this series was moved to a Thursday start.

I was thinking Thursday series had to end on Saturday??

It does.

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Agree with you, in that specific game. But in general, I agree with Army’s comment…hitting has been a bigger problem or “issue” over the entire season (so far) much more than pitching has.

In the past 6-8 games, however, the offense has been better. Just hope the pitching doesn’t decide to slump while the bats are productive.

One thing that has been a constant - and, I believe, under-appreciated by most fans - is our outstanding defense. I remember about 10-12 years ago when I’d look and we’d be 10th-12th (in a 12 team league) in defensive stats. Had some fantastic pitching, but we were betrayed too often by poor glove work. Last year and especially this season, it’s a joy to watch us in the field. And it’s probably put 2-3 more games in the “W” column than we would have had with just fair fielding. Those spectacular double plays bail you out of a lot of bad situations.

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Hey, we’ve won 2 in a row…

this series is gonna give us an idea of whether or not we’re a top 8 team.


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