Huge News Outta Wichita State

If I remember correctly, Gregg Marshall almost had the Arkansas job before Musselman.

Just shocking.

Unless that’s a WSU mascot pun, it’s not shocking at all. With all that’s come out about Marshall’s coaching methods, I’m surprised it’s taken this long. Or maybe the lawyers have been working on it for a while. This story came out in October. Yeah 40-50 years ago this might have been common, but it’s not 1975 any more.

This has been a hot topic for a while with Marshall. I to am surprised it took this long.
I played HS basketball for a very intense Coach (who is in AR HS Coaches HOF), we always joked that Bobby Knight had nothing on him. But for all the temper outbursts and tongue lashings we all took, I never recalled him once using the P word or anything remotely insinuating us as anything female. However he did have a very strong little wife (whom he toed the line for) who probably would have showed him just what a female can do if she heard anything of that nature come out of his mouth.
Point is, a Coach can get his point across without using any female slang anatomy descriptions to do so.

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