HUGE news for Ladies

Maryam Dauda got her release from Baylor and is going to come to Arkansas, joining Wolfenbarger and Goforth. Three All-Americans to be the new nucleus for Coach Neighbors


So happy for Coach Neighbors! Don’t forget Amber Ramirez. She was a McDonald’s AA too. Go Hogs!

And Elaine Eaton, who was hurt last year, was a five star

Elauna Eaton. We are loaded! Gonna be some great basketball at The Bud next year!

She wasn’t a McAA. But already on the roster, Amber Ramirez is a McAA. We now have 4 on the roster, highest ever on men’s or women’s basketball. Men had three at one time, Reid, Hood and Alexander,

Man, I guess! Gotta mean something when a 77 yo wishes the next six months would scoot right on by!


Actually, the men have had 3 one other time. Huery, Day, and Mayberry.

Thanks for the correction. I will add to the correction myself. Joe Klein, Ricky Norton and Willie Cutts were on the same team

Auto correct got me

Happens to me all the time, lol. Usually Marty corrects me.

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Moore with a 2 run homer.

The disappointment of the way the season ended and losing arguably the best player in the program’s history is in the rearview now. CMN has 3 gen-u-wine studettes coming in. Suddenly, we have size and skill. Can’t wait to see this group come together.

Coaching is still the key to championships. Recruiting, which is a huge factor in college basketball,
is the foundation of any program. What you do with the players makes the difference between mediocrity and contending for titles.

Muss has replaced his former assistants with dynamic coaches that will be well received by the players and the fans. With our roster, we can compete with anyone in the Sec and all the top teams from other conferences.

I think that Coach Smart is a home run hire and just another example of Muss building an outstanding program.

The assistant coaches haven’t been here long enough to know how well they have been received or performed or how dynamic they are. I have no idea what these assistant coaches did. One year is just too short to have an impact and make an assessment,

But it doesn’t matter. I think this program is about Muss and from some insider reporting Muss has his hands in every little detail. As long as Muss is here, assistants are probably not as relevant as they used to be.

I was personally hoping for a younger assistant to relate to today’s athletes, Thought we had that with Patrick.

I have a thing about spelling names correctly. People often misspell my name, some on Facebook where they can see my full name. I actually don’t mind getting mail addressed to “Mr.” Cornell if they spell my name with a “y”.

BTW, I love intentional misspellings of the opposition’s players and coaches. (See Calamari.)

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You just insulted a squid😜

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How true. I love fried calamari (cooked properly), but despise Calipari. The best calamari I’ve had was at an Italian restaurant across the street from the boardwalk in VA Beach. He said his secret was soaking it in milk 24 hours before frying and serving it.

My wife thought I was Henry Clay through two dates. Didn’t bother me one bit.


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