Huge long shot, but, would Malzahn be the replacement for CBB?

Now, don’t go all over-reacting on me! I was not in favor of hiring Malzahn way back when they hired CBB. At that time, CBB, with his three time Rose Bowl Big Ten champ streak, was the logical choice. Malzahn’s supporters had pushed too hard too soon in the past and burned a lot of bridges for him. He would have been a very divisive choice back then. Now, however, he has pretty much proved his qualifications in a big way. Sure, he has beaten us badly several times but so has Saban. Would you turn him down if he wanted to come? What if Gary Patterson from TCU wanted to coach the Hogs? He has beaten us but you wouldn’t hold that against him, would you? It is their job to win games.

I am not a big fan of the HUNH, spread passing game, but Malzahn’s offense runs the ball a lot with power backs. I could live with it if it can have similar success at Arkansas. Can Malzahn succeed at Arkansas without Auburn’s entrenched recruiting “advantages”? I would bet he couldn’t do worse. The Auburn job is shaky at best. They fired Gene Chizik two seasons after a national championship. They will fire Gus with the slightest excuse. He may get tired of the drama and come back home to fix his dream job. Then Auburn would probably hire Petrino like they almost did before. Wouldn’t THAT be crazy?!?!?!

NO…and a HECK NO!

It could happen. Lot of people saying if Malzahn loses to both Georgia and 'Bama he is out. Timing is right. Malzahn has his detractors on this board, but a lot of Hog fans would welcome the hire.

Like to hear our INSIDERS opinion on the possibilty :wink:

Seems like there are a bunch of threads that have raised this question. Regardless, I think the consensus is no, it ain’t happening.

Not trying to jerk your chain. I am just curious as to why? His teams have kicked our butt, but I thought we wanted a coach who created teams that kicked butt. He passed through a tough situation during his one year with the Hogs, but having HDN and his staff not like you is sort of a positive thing, I would think. Not only is Saban using HUNH, Belichek even uses it with Brady, and we used it for a spell against Bama. Many of the things Malzahn pioneered are now established strategies in all of football.

I thought Bielema was the better choice over Malzahn and I don’t mind admitting I was wrong. If it helps Hog Football to succeed, there are a lot of us that need to get over being wrong about Malzahn. JMVVVVVHO.

I personally would be very excited about Malzahn. It has never made sense to my why do many people disliked him. Not sure if it was a “pick Nutt or pick Gus” issue or a “Little Rock vs. NWA” thing or even a “Springdale vs. everyone else” thing. Whatever it was, I never understood it.

I don’t think he would be considered. I don’t know any of the details of what transpired when he was here before but I do recall some on here said that GM had burnt some bridges that won’t ever get repaired. As for me personally, I always wish (whoever is the current coach) well, so whatever happens happens.

Malzahn’s football budget at Auburn is $14M greater than ours. Why would he sign up for that kind of step down?

Not trying to jerk your chain either but why don’t you read the multiple other threads about this before starting a new identical speculation thread?

Uh, no.

no…even finebaum is throwing his name out there talking his arkansas connections…no;no;no

Fan base would be divided at the announcement press conference.

recruiting class (year in, year out), he would get no better than 30th at Arkansas. We would be awful

there are a few thread where this topic can be found if you look hard enough

it is an interesting situation
people dont really talk that much about specifics
gus is very very polarizing figure.
people hate hate hate him
love love love him

there are people on this board who know a lot about a lot of stuff pertaining to gus

i agree that he is unlikely to end up here despite his arkansas roots.

he would be a good coach here just as he has been good coach every where he has been

he has had an amazing career

Gus would have been a very good choice when we hired Bret Bielema. The only way we could hire him is if he was fired, and we aren’t gonna hire a coach who was just fired, I don’t believe.

Coach Malzahn is a very good coach,but there are still too many Nutt lovers who would not want him. I have never heard one comment from Gus which publicly cricized Houston,so I don’t get the pushback on him,but it’s there nonetheless. I doubt if he would ever come back even if asked.

Nope. No way no how.

Gus didn’t have to criticize Houston publicly. He had plenty of people who would do it for him, and he sure didn’t discourage any of the criticism. Our man Dudley, who was right in the middle of it, has said repeatedly that no one involved was blameless. Not Nutt, not the other assistants, not Gus and his allies, not the fans and not the media

I was out of state when all of that was going on and wasn’t privy to the day-to-day events. After it was over, I was clued into everything. When Petrino was fired, I had a friend who wanted Malzahn. I don’t have anything against him, but I saw on message boards how divisive just his name was and didn’t think the timing was right. Not sure it’s right now either because the only way to get him, it would seem, would be if he’s fired, and firing one coach to hire another fired coach doesn’t seem smart even if you think he’d be a steal.

Gus has been discussed and debated on here and the old board for various reasons including being the HC. Hiring him would divide the fan base even more I think, plus I don’t see him as program builder, he can take great talent already on hand and win with it. But he wouldn’t have that luxury here.

If we call it like it is with Gus… He got his college job riding in on the backs of his high school players…would not take any job except the offensive coordinator. JFBroyles made HDNut offer Gus the OC job. That is just factual as he turned down the wide receivers job as a highs school coach. He obviously can do some clever things on offense. I personally do not think they would hire Gus because of the detractors. If Gus gets fired, he will most likely be one of the most talented coaches we could get IMO. And in regards to talented, I mean his style of play can make up for a lack of players…to a degree. I wonder how good he would be recruiting? IF JLong is making the decision, he won’t hire Gus. That is just not JLong.