Huge get for Barnes

Can’t say enough good things about Kennedy. He can dominate a game at point.

Uh, we don’t like good news cornering EOE

I normally don’t say much about kids to other schools, but Kennedy is a very special talent. I’ve seen some great point guards in Vegas and other events but he’s on a different level in my opinion.

He’s a guy I could watch all day.

And Rick Barns seems like one of the good guys…


Will Barnes and UT seriously challenge UK for dominance? I’m not sure if I can say dominance in the east, as that may be an archaic concept these days, but I will still use it.Florida never quite could meet the challenge, although they had some very talented teams. Arkansas gave it a great shot, but could not maintain momentum back in the day.

Thought l’d never hear someone say Barnes is one of the good guys. Back in the day, when Barnes was a fiery young coach, he and Dean Smith almost came to blows. Just read that Barnes has said he regrets that. Nice that people can change.

I hear a lot about Barnes since I live in Tennessee. He is one of the good guys. Really cares about his players and does things right. And he can coach.

With that said, I’ll take Muss over him every day. And a win over EOE-K is special in my household.

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Lord knows I’ve done and said many things that I regret. Age humbles.

My Barnes story…

Several years ago, we held a NCAA first round in NLR, at Alltell or Verizon, or whatever the name was then. VERY fun event, sitting close to that many talented players (not to mention the cheerleaders…Texas, oregon and Memphis REPRESENTED!!!). But I digress.

we had dinner near the campus one of those nights. One table over was Rick Barnes and a couple other dudes, I assumed asst coaches. we approached him, let him know that we were hog fans, but appreciated his team and wished him well. He COULD NOT have been more gracious to a couple knuckleheads like us, actually prolonged the conversation to tell us how nice the folks in LR were, and how much he respected our program.

Needless to say, he won me over. Just a really good person.



Along the same lines, during the 2017-18 season, Macon-Barford-Gafford team beat the Vols in OT at BWA. Vols were well poised to win, but Arkansas pulled it out. Rick knew Tennessee had a special team that year, was so disappointed but he was cool during the presser, praised Arkansas. Someone like Coach Cal would have gone off the handle. But Rick was all gentleman about it.

Vols did earn a 3 seed that year and launched his rise at Tennessee.

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