Huge Bentonville West freshman lineman has chance to be special

That is a lot of steroids.

Ha, i dont think you know what steroids actually do

How about growth hormones?

Sure, studies show children can gain height with HGH treatments, but it isnt going to make a kid 6’7 300#. Thats genetics

Now I know Swine considers me stupib, but how does growth and “no hair on his arms” equate? I’ve lost hair on my legs; does that mean I may gain strength there or maybe finally grow to be 6’-0"???

I know guys, like Jeff, have lost hair on their heads, making them smarter? I just don’t understand. (You have to read the article)

I can remember when the largest man in the NFL was 260 pounds, a giant in his day

Sorry but I doubt if many kids at 14 or 15 naturally are that size.

The tour de France is an example of todays supplements.

Most kids his age are not his size, but that doesn’t mean he isnt “natural”. He isn’t the poster child for the average 14-15yr old

To many people are quick to jump to conclusions about someone being on PEDs and think they are this magical drug that turns everyone into super heroes, which simply isn’t true. They just expand on genetics, not create their own.

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