Hudson Henry?

What’s going on?
Awhile back he was out because of concussion protocol. But that was quite some time ago.
I can’t believe he was overrated, or can’t contribute.
Have I missed something?

The last thing I recall Morris saying about him was that he will factor into the game plan at some point this season but needs to develop more. It’s looking like he is a good redshirt candidate at this point.

He’ll likely get his four games in and be a redshirt freshman next season, which will be good for both him and Arkansas down the line.

thanks Matt.
But, what do you think “develop more” means. Very few young players on this team are already developed. My best interpretation is that he needs more muscle mass to play in this league at his position.

Morris has said Henry has done a good job learning the offense, so I assume he needs to develop physically if he’s going to play tight end; he was 238 pounds at the time of the summer weigh in. Arkansas doesn’t use its tight ends the same way it used to, but those players are still important to the run game. I think there might be a learning curve there because of the system he played in high school. Pulaski Academy is a true spread passing offense. To give you an idea, PA has 84 run plays this year, more than one-third of which have been quarterback keepers. PA has thrown 167 passes. I have only seen highlights from Hudson playing in high school and he was typically split out like a wide receiver. Knowing what I do about PA, I doubt he was asked to run block much at the line of scrimmage like he will have to do in college, and the types of defenders he saw in Arkansas 5A were not anywhere near the caliber the Razorbacks are playing against now.

Well, maybe CCM needs to tweak his “system” enough to be able to utilize his best (or 2nd or 3rd best) pair of receiving hands on the team.

How about splitting him out somewhere between the wide-out and just off the tackle. Scheme him to get one on one with a LB. He’ll win that battle nearly every time. Geez, put he and CJ on the field together with LB’s trying to cover both.

We’re going to end up red-shirting him and looking really stupid when he’s drafted high after his red-shirt soph year. Or worse, watching him enter the transfer portal after the season if we bring CCM back.

Drafted after RS soph year?

That’s the required 3 years of college before being drafted. It’s after his 3 academic years.

You realize (or probably don’t) that if he’s drafted high after his RS soph season it will be precisely because he has developed in CCM’s system. They;re not going to draft him high on his high school film, or because of his brother,

Furthermore, if he redshirts this year he would lose a year of eligibility if he then enters the transfer portal. So he would be a redshirt soph with only one full year of varsity experience.

IMO, the chances of CCM being here when Hudson completes his red-shirt soph year are between slim and none. Also, if he is drafted after his red-shirt year, it would be because CCM’s replacement realized the talent he had and allowed that to be on display his red-shirt Frosh and soph seasons. If you had read the last 5 words of my post you “might” have understood what I was posting.

I recognize CCM may not actually red-shirt him, so that is all speculation. I believe it will be a mistake if he does. That was the gist of my post. My comment about the transfer portal was only if he was not utilized this year other than in meaningless minutes in 4 games and red-shirted. AND if CCM was retained. I believe it would take both of those actions for the transfer portal to enter his head. And, yes you are right that both the Hogs and Hudson would be hurt by that.

I just don’t understand why CCM is looking for ways to red-shirt him rather than trying to see how he can use his terrific receiving skills to help this year’s team.

Because maybe he is not as good a receiver as Burks, Knox, Woods, and O’grady YET.

I have a hard time believing Hudson Henry would be sitting out if the coaches felt he could contribute.

I think highly of Hudson, but I don’t see him being drafted as a RS soph if he does indeed RS.

I agree with that. But I see it as more of an indictment of the coaches than Hudson. Of course, that’s unless he’s injured or not completely healed from the concussion.

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I hope that they find four games for Hudson to get some meaningful playing time, but I’m not convinced you can play him much at all right now as an in-line TE. I’m afraid he’s just too light to hold up as a blocker against college DEs and OLBs. Hunter was too light when he was a freshman, but he was more ready physically for TE play than Hudson. I would also be concerned about Hudson’s ability to effectively get off the line on pass routes if somebody hits him coming out of his stance.

If you want to split him out, as we do from time to time with the other TEs that’s probably doable in the short term, but the other guys are going to figure out after watching game film that he’s not going to be doing much blocking when he lines up next to a tackle.

So he might have a couple of nice games catching the ball, assuming he can get open. But the more games he plays this year the harder it’s going to get for the offense to be balanced when he lines up inline. If the only way you can play him is flexed out, the question becomes how much can you keep him on the field? O’Grady is going to get targets, and the young WRs are going to get targets, and that’s on merit. Whether he stays for four or five years or not, if he’s not ready to contribute full time it’s better to give him a little experience and redshirt him, no matter who the HC is the next few years.

Yeah, I guess Lunney has forgotten how to coach TE’s, or who to play???

Not directed at Lunney at all. I’m just remembering how the system at SMU, with CCM and Craddock running it, basically never used a TE in their 3 years there.

Lol, has that been a problem here?

You tell me. It appears they are trying to use the TEs, but certainly not very successfully. This year, other than O’Grady, our TEs have more drops than catches. They have 5 of 91 receptions this year. Harrell has at least 4 drops to go with 2 catches. O’Grady, a TE with NFL potential, has just 10 catches. It seems, at the very least, they are struggling with who they should be playing and how to use them in the schemes.

I don’t know, but I’d bet Lunney would like to see more and better use of his TEs in the sets and the schemes and play calling.

O’Grady missed a game and a quarter, now go look up the times a TE has been targeted, you can’t blame the drops on the coaches, lol.