Hudson Henry will

make an unofficial visit to Stanford this weekend and one to Arkansas in a couple of weeks. No official visits have been lined up yet.

Not good.

Why’s that?

I think he will wind up at Stanford.
Better academics, better football program and better coaches. Not to mention, he may have 2 or 3 different coaches if he comes to Arkansas.

As close as the Henry family is, do you think they will have one son playing in California, while the other is in Arkansas? I seriously doubt it.

Technically speaking, they’d have two sons playing in California.

RD/Dudley/Insiders - how does Hudson compare to Hunter as a player?

Faster but not as physical as Hunter. He’s more of a deep threat than big bro.

I disagree.

My prediction remains Arkansas.

As today’s big-time commit of Trey Knox tells us once again, the prospects believe in the coach far, far more than some fans.

If Hudson wanted to they would do their best.

This doesn’t make much sense. The NFL doesn’t align the Chargers’ schedule with the Stanford schedule. At any given weekend, one will be on the other side of the country from the other. In fact, the trip from Arkansas to wherever the Chargers are playing may be closer.

Question and…not sure how to ask it best…but I understand that the Henry family is very religious…I am certain that the “culture” and “campus culture” is much different there than would be experienced here or many other places in the south…will that have any bearing in this?

I hope we get him. But, one would think that Arkansas would have a major advantage in his recruiting given family ties and location, but it is obvious that Hudson really likes Stanford and to be honest who could blame him. He would be perfect for that offense. I hope I am wrong but, if it is still this close between us and Stanford I don’t like our chances.

Hudson is a young man of great faith.

He’ll make his own decision and take every thing into consideration.

But that would not stop him if that is where he wants to go.

I assume the poster was talking about Hudson Henry and Hayden Henry (Arkansas) - not Hunter.

I may be wrong as well, but don’t think I am.

Hudson wants a trip to SoCal and that’s understandable… I believe he will be a Hog where the family can watch two of their sons play side by side, but Hudson will certainly have the last say so. Duds is rarely wrong especially with Arkansas kids.

Duh!!! Too many Henrys to keep up with. :smiley:

It’s 358 miles from Los Angeles to Palo Alto driving. That’s about 6 hours. Dallas to Fayetteville is closer than that. That’s not very close if you’re trying to do both in a weekend. The Chargers play now in Carson, which is even farther, 371 miles from Palo Alto.

I don’t blame him for visiting Stanford I had a TE go out there and raved about how awesome it was but knew his Momma would kill him if he actually signed and went out there,visiting and living that far away from Home two totally different things.I think he will see that we will use the TE and probably do whats best for the Family and stay close to home.