Hudson Henry visit update (Story)... … affection/

I enjoyed the Hudson Henry story…hope we get him…sounds promising. I wonder what his true height is. His dad appears to be at least 2 inches taller than him. His dad is NOT 6’7"…probably 6’5" at the most…so, Hudson might be stretching to be 6’3" (not 6’5" at listed. I saw a pic yesterday of Hunter during his miracle lateral…caption said he was 6’6"…fake news about players’ heights is apparently here to stay forever!

First, thanks for the kid words on the story. All of the Henrys seems like outstanding people.

Our best way of knowing exactly how tall and how much a kid weighs is when the kids come to camp and I stand there and watch them get measured and weighed.

I watched Hunter get measured at 6-5 going into his senior year.

I have not seen Mark, Hayden or Hudson get measured so you go with what their high school coaches say or the program/website.

I can see some things clearly like Daniel Gafford standing next to Moses Kingsley and be two inches taller than him.

I can also see very well when someone is close to my height - 5-9 - like Rafe Peavey or Anton Beard.

But to toss out political term fake news on this board over that seems a little disingenuous to me and a shot at what we do here.

Doing my best.

Thanks for replying to my comments. I didn’t mean to direct the fake news comment directly at you…the practice of embellishing players’ heights and weights comes from all involved starting with HS coaches, and moving on down the line. I just get very frustrated when I attend things like “Fans day” and see some of the players are 1 -3 inches shorter than advertised. I think Mitch Loewen (sp?) was an exception…he was always listed at 6"4", but when I talked to him and stood next to him he was 6’6"…I asked him why they listed him at 6’4" and he wasn’t even aware they did. I think Peavy and Beard have been listed at something like 6’2" and 6’, respectively. but not really sure. I know one of the BB coaches told me sometimes the BB players are measured with their shoes on…up to the head coach how he wants them measured. Anyway, sorry if I offended you, I always enjoy your articles, but I will always question heights especially. I realize you are limited to info you are given when you cannot possibly witness all measurements taken.

I just wanted to give you an example of how we go about getting the true heights.

It’s all good. I probably overreacted.

Thanks, Dudley. I fully understand I am probably OCD when it comes to heights and weights, but that ain’t gonna change!