Hudson Henry top 5

So I’ll be the first to ask. Any thoughts on our chances?

Think it will come down to Arkansas and Stanford. Tight end play at Arkansas will help shape his decision.

Thanks Richard. Hudson is one of the 3-4 instate players I think would be really good to get. We don’t have to have all the instate studs. Just 3/4 IMO. If we get some of the out of state 4stars it looks like we may get we will be sitting pretty good with 3/4 instate guys like Hudson.

I’ll go ahead and guess Penn St and Wisconsin will be in his top five.

I’ll predict Stanford. Seems like (moreso than his other family members) he’s enjoying the process. We usually don’t get those kind.

This system doesn’t really use a TE, and it does not translate to the NFL. I will be shocked if he comes to Hogs. And with all his offers, who could blame him???

Didn’t “This system” produce a Mackey award winner for Clemson while Morris was there?

Yep. Dwayne Allen won the Mackey Award at Clemson with Chad Morris as his OC running “this system.” But we don’t want to let facts get in the way.

Clearly you didn’t see any of spring practice or the spring game, where one tight end caught two touchdown passes.

Well at SMU last season he didn’t really use one…they caught 4 passes the entire season!!!

I don’t look at the stuff that happened at Clemson. Dabo made him alter his offense to use the TE at Clemson. I look at what this guy did as a HC. Which hasn’t been much.

When are you guys gonna believe that Dabo was the HC and called the shots at Clemson? It wasn’t CM. All the game planning was called by Dabo.

Don’t believe me??? Ok. Read this. … tight-ends

From my understanding, he didn’t have a single tight end at SMU. I could be wrong, but if you don’t have one when you get there, it’s hard to incorporate one into your system. He won’t have to worry about that here. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

Plus, if he’s true to what he’s said before, he’ll adjust his system to fit all his weapons. According to Dudley, he’s doing that. So lets wait and see before passing any definite judgments yet.

They didn’t have one because they didn’t recruit one. There were plenty in Texas to choose from, right? He’d know that because he’s a Texas high school coaching legend, right? Come on…

Did you happen to notice O’Grady’s big plays in the spring game? You seem to ignore positive things and concentrate on finding gripe ammunition. Would be nice if you “proved me wrong” occasionally. So far you are way over the ten gripes to one positive thought limit that defines a troll. JMVVVVVVHO.

I agree with you 100%

Isn’t that an indictment on the previous coaching staff though? I’m not familiar enough with what his roster was at SMU at the tight end position to make a fair assessment. I’m just saying from what I’ve read/heard, he started out with no TE’s. So he only had 1-2 years where he did. And he did have success with TE’s at Clemson and he’ll have plenty of TE’s to use here, which is why I said wait and see.

They threw to the TEs a bunch in the spring game. They have four on the squad now who will all play, sometimes as true TEs, some times as H-Backs. They have already offered Henry and one other TE whose name escapes me in a year where they it would be a tight fit to take two guys because of other needs. So there is zero indication that CM does not like to use TEs based on what has actually happened on the field and in recruiting since CM came to Arkansas.

They need TEs in this offense. Why? A lot of the packages require the ability to put an extra guy on the line in order to create the matchup advantages that makes this system thrive. A TE who can catch the ball and has a bit of quickness/speed diversifies the offense even more.

This is not a run and shoot offense, which some people seem to have trouble understanding.

I notice many things. One of the things I am noticing is that the top TE in the nation is in our backyard, has legacy at the U Of A, has a brother that played the position, won the Mackey Award, and is amazing in the NFL. But, sadly, because of the coach they have hired up there, and the system he runs, most likely will go somewhere else because it gives him a better chance to have a career in the NFL. It’s a travesty.

Also, many of our top in state players most likely won’t be coming to Hogs for the exact same thing. That’s something else I am noticing.

And what’s even more messed up is the fact that the folks that made the decision didn’t look at what we have coming from our high schools and how they could have helped the roster we had. Instead they blew up our program.

Call me what you want…but the word is out on CM. And no matter how many catch phrases he uses, or red bulls he drinks is not gonna get big time recruits to come here. And if you think 2 and 3 stars are big time, then I suggest you look at almost every other team in the SEC. You’ll see big time players on most of the rosters.