Hudson Henry to announce

Quick story: … -announce/

Any feelings one way or another?

He did visit Stanford over the weekend and was to visit Arkansas soon afterward.

Mark Henry said Hudson will announce through social media.

I’m getting the feeling you’re not thinking the home team?

Hmmm, not sure how to take that.

Doesn’t sound very good for us, but we’ll see.

Timing looks bad, however it would seem hard to believe he wouldn’t at least give us an official visit with his family history and brother on the team. That said, if he’s not coming, we need to know asap. All our TE eggs are in that basket and we need to sign one

I could be wrong but I still think it’s the home team. His entire family has gone to Arkansas. We have a game in Little Rock this weekend and it just makes sense to me. With all the recruits we have gotten lately has definitely helped. Again, I could be wrong but hope I’m not.

It may be too much to expect the whole family to go to UA.

It would be a loss for us for sure, but sometimes a family member might want to create a name for himself and not live in shadow.

You really think he’ll go to a liberal west coast school?
No way…

Announcing on social media is what worries me For us.

Uh oh

What other tight ends are we on?

Really want Henry but can’t blame the kid if he wants to make name for himself elsewhere.

I don’t think anyone should be worried about this one. All Hog!!!

The more I think of it, I would be more worried if Hudson had never visited Arkansas. He’s been to the university many times and considering we have very talented WR’s to flank him in the passing game, I would hope that’s enough to push us over the finish line and this trip to Stanford just confirmed it wasn’t the place for him.

Or maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part.

And you know this how?

Gosh, I’m trying to be optimistic here but just doesn’t seem good. Bad bad timing

I am very proud of my daddy’s name
All though his kind of music and mine ain’t exactly the same
Stop and think it over. Put yourself in my position
If I get stoned and sing all night long it’s a family tradition

My money is on Arkansas.

Ball game is in Little Rock this weekend.