Hudson Henry says Arkansas in great place to land him (story)... … t-place-l/

I’m stunned no one has commented on this.

I bet if he said Arkansas was in a bad place, there would be 50-100 replies. :lol:

I am slightly nervous on it but feel a little better now DD. It is hopefully projecting the right direction with him and really think our TE’s will be a big part of the offense and secure his commitment. We are on a roll right now!

This is great news for Hog nation. I’ve always thought he would end up on the hill. This story makes me feel more secure about him playing for our Hogs.

The only remaining in state that I don’t feel good about is Wilkins. It’s pretty clear he has a strong lean towards OU. But even that could change.

Excellent start by CCM.

If this ain’t one of the most factual statements I’ve ever seen. :lol:

I guess I look at his many significant family connections to the
UofA and I find it incongruous and highly unlikely he would
actually go anywhere else. I believe he is a bone-deep Razorback and will be yet another Arkansas All-American from one of its most
famous families. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing him proudly wear his Hog jersey.

Also never have really been worried about him being a hog.

He was born a hog, he just has enjoyed the recruiting process like he absolutely should have. Hunter was the same way, he took visits.

He’ll be a hog, and outside of Burks, he is the most important piece to this recruiting class. Two true top 50 guys, both will be absolute studs and NFL draft picks.

I don’t think anything has changed…if they use the TE like they did at SMU(5 passes in 2 seasons), then he won’t commit here.

H back is not using a TE.

It seems to me he really wants to be here like his family has been. But he also wants to develop so he can play in the NFL.

That’s what I gathered by reading the article.

He literally didn’t have a TE on the roster when he got to SMU.

Have to work with what you have.

He had a Mackey award winner at Clemson, who’s had a pretty fine NFL career also.

I thought Notre Dame was supposed to be a big player for Hudson Henry. What happened with them?

Did not make his top five so no longer in the running.

Arkansas, Stanford, Clemson, Penn State and Wisconsin.

They are not going to use the TE here as they did there - which was hardly any.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheyenne O’Grady catches 5 passes in the first game, not to mention ones going to Patton, Cantrell and Gunter.

Another one of those situations where you use only the info you want to use your narrative (SMU) and don’t use the info that goes against it (Clemson, Tulsa, high school).

I can tell you that I talked to Hudson for about 10 minutes last night. I’ve never been more sure about where he is going to end up. Not saying it is a lock, but what he said on the record and off leads me to that conclusion.

Yes, he wants to be here and yes he wants to be developed into a NFL TE. The difference is that he thinks that can happen here and you don’t.

I don’t think Hudson or Coach Morris cares about what you or I think in the big picture.

When you get back from timeout - something that I had no hand in but understand why it happen since you were bashing recruits (which they have a rule against here) - I hope you will re-consider the way you go about things. You can hate on Coach Morris, but due so it in constructive manner and not every post and don’t rag on kids immediately (or ever as the rule states clearly) after they just yes to the team that you say you support.

Elmo - I guess you haven’t seen Coach Morris’s patterns of using the best tools h3 has available in his offense.

Dwayne Allen’s catches jumped at Clemson in his year with him and Jordan Leggett was no slouch either. When you look at the crazy WR talent that he utilized so well, it’s a little understandable that there were some years with not a high level of production.

I think that Coach CM will use TE’s a decent amount and the ability for one to line up both in-line and offset is key to keeping defenses honest somewhat.

Not a well researched comment by you, not that yours was unexpected.