Hudson Henry contributed to Rocket's long run ----------

A block is a block. It’s not always going to be pancake nor is that even necessary. I think he did his job.


The way I took you’re original post is that Henry made an effective block in that particular situation, but is he capable of making a more physical collision if needed? A legitimate question. I think maybe the reason he was in for that play rather than Bax is that he is more mobile, quicker, and could get to that area for the block from where he was lined up a little sooner. I feel for the young man. I don’t think there is a lack of effort on his part, I think nagging injuries just don’t let him advance the way he might otherwise. Plus, he probably just isn’t a physical kind of guy. And no criticism meant here either.


Should build confidence for him because the play will be watched in film room & Henry will be praised for making the block that sprung Rocket.
He probably got a big hug & Thank You from Rocket as well.

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It takes all for a play like that to go. I hate it when I hear commentators say TD so & so before TD Arkansas or whatever team. RBs do not score or do anything alone

Check your math (30+ lbs?). And while you’re at it, check your physics. If that linebacker was stationary he probably wasn’t going to make the tackle. He could easily brace and lean in on a moving man coming into him, appearing to have an advantage when none was there. His goal was the running back and he could not attain it. Your target apparently is HH and you have missed that mark. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the math check but the running 22 lb heavier guy bounced off and fell back after hitting the standing 22 lb lighter guy pretty much still makes the point. I just pointed out the explanation there for why Henry is third string this late in his career. That seems to have excited a few folks. Too bad.

I did watch that play, many times. Henry came from the right side and met the linebacker, who was forced to take him on. That LB was far from standing there. He got good low leverage and hit Henry in the chest, but that was not his job. Henry performed perfectly, coming down the back of the line and taking that man out, opening that space for Rocket to take off. Dude, “a standing linebacker”? Not a chance. To be peddling that stinking ointment indicates an impure motive. You failed both math and physics and probably need to have your eyes checked. Or maybe just trade in your old CRT TV for a new UHD set. One would do wonders for what you see.

That post can’t wash off with soap and water.


Well it’s good to see Hud on the field and getting praise from coaches and teammates. Maybe this will lead to a little more PT and a ball or two thrown his way. I still worry about the curse of legacy TE. Hud still has a chance to break that curse.


HH also got immediate praise for the block from the TV commentators. @ClayHenry, try acetone and steel wool.


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