Hudson Henry Calls Hogs


Never any doubt. good call by our recruiting insiders.

Moves Hogs to 12th nationally in Rivals’ team rankings, passing Florida State.

But, but…you know who…said it wouldn’t happen. :sunglasses:

Great news! Woo pig!


I hope his family is on suicide watch. :smiley:

Our recruiting is pretty amazing…I am surprised…

If we are going to sign 29 guys, we probably are going to finish in the Top 10 aren’t we, Dudley? Stars x number of bodies= ranking…right?

Coach Morris is getting it done…This is one of the reasons he was hired…probably the most important reason. Nobody wins without good players. Way to go, Coach! We do appreciate you and your staff’s hard work. Nobody has these type of results without a lot of work. Remember Roger Penske’s motto: Effort=Results.

Dudley, how good is henry at run blocking? I imagine we will have a high percentage of the offense be out of 12 personnel next year with Henry and O’Grady.

Anyone else notice that Hudson Henry must like the forward facing Hog logo? Hmmm, maybe some of the new looks really do appeal to recruits.

This is yet more evidence that a good recruiter can get players to Arkansas, regardless of its geographical location. Yeah, I know Hudson has tons of Arkansas lineage. But Coach Morris still got him here against other big-time offers. Just an amazing job amassing this recruiting class by Coach Morris. I’m thrilled.

But, of course, Elmo says he’s the wrong hire…

OTG was my new name for the former poster known as “little e”.

Oscar The Grouch

Glad he’s gone!

Thank You Hudson. Glad that suspense is over. Now on to some big time Olinemen.
Oh, and Kelly Bryant.


Been traveling…

Well done to the staff… I will give the credit where it is due. I thought for sure that HH was gonna commit to Stanford when he was out there. I was totally wrong about that. The way they use the TE there made me think he’d take that option. Either way, It’s great for the program.

Now, do I like CCM as the coach of the Hogs? No, but that is my opinion and feeling. But, can he recruit? Yes he can. I will definitely give him, and the staff all that credit. This class has some really fine players. We have got to get some OL badly. Good ones. I’d love to see the others flip to us and make it an historic class. If we could end up with a top 10 class, that would be incredible.

Sigh. Got around the ban somehow. Banned again. I’m perfectly willing to play whack-a-mole but I hope that isn’t necessary.

Good post Elmo, CCM has done a good job recruiting but as always there’s more work to be done in some areas but no doubt they are addressing them the best they can. It takes a well stacked starting line up on both sides of the ball with depth on the bench to compete at the top level in the Sec which basically means competing for a National championship which is almost one and the same when you have two teams ranked in the top five. I think the last two game performance’s by O’Grady surely helped some in getting the Henry commitment. Either way it’s big and we’re rolling along in the recruiting arena and a win Saturday might help some more get off the fence. Thanks Mr Henry for choosing the Razorbacks! WPS