Hudson Clark

Thinking this am with my first cup coffee .
Read Tom Murphy’s story today. Hudson Clark, joins Stromberg, Raheim and Drew Sanders as the four Razorbacks represented by USA Today Sports Network All SEC Team. Hogs were second only to Bama who had 5. Ga and Tenn had 3 each. Hawgs had better talent than we thought.

First , kudos to Clark who has been nothing but a give it his all player and hopefully fans who were on his case earlier in year will give him kudos. He appears to have found his place at safety. Hope he comes back and adds some muscle for that position.

Second, entire strength training group was fired along with nutritionist. That is strong statement about change needed.

I read Matt’s story on Pittman at radio show Wed. The covid year did not allow his first year evaluation to be as good as needed due to restricted home and high school visits. I think we are seeing the results of that year playing out with many of that class not seeing the field. Likely true at other schools and maybe part of reason for large portal activity past two years.

I suspect the large number of fifth year seniors last year covered up for some of the issues we have seen this year.

Talent aside, three games are to blame for most of this year’s storyline: TAM, Liberty, and Mizzou. Not a November to remember. Time to get Pittmans recruits on field so we can see how we stand.


I agree with most of your points. Seems outsiders valued Clark a lot more than we did. I was down on him at a point too when he was struggling at corner. But he has done well at safety where he seems to be able to rely on his knowledge and intuition to make an impact and hide his physical short comings.

I hope we see an invigorated team by the time we reach spring practice. I know many were frustrated with the losses- primarily because we should have won 3 of them! I am excited to see who we pull from the portal. So far, Sam has proven to be really good at locating real talent. And I hope we see his talent evaluations start showing from his high school classes too.

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i just hope he becomes a better tackler, saw him get juked on multiple occassions that turned into large gainers, late in the season too vs LSU and mo.

He either gets juked, recovers a fumble, or tackles someone that the previous defender missed. I’ll take it.

But, but, but, Hud is a horrible football player. Right? I mean, all the bashers must know. Someone call the all-star selection committee and let them know.

In all seriousness, congrats Hud! Whether is a super talented or not, he is productive. Congrats!!!

I noticed this year HC had the Football smarts to always be in the right position to make the play. Hopefully he can put on a little weight so take his game to the next level.

He’s a coaches player, gives his best!! WPS

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