Hudson Clark

Hudson gets pounded on call in shows and message boards when he gets burned at corner. So, its only fair to laud the kid when he succeeds. So, how about Hudson Clark? I’ve been saying he should be moved to safety. Pittman shared at his radio show the hesitation–Hud is on the slight side when it comes to coming up and filling the A-gap, etc., But the kid reads the field and breaks on the ball. That’s always been his strongsuit. Maybe they could put a little weight on him in the off season and leave him at safety for next season? In any case, thank you Hud for being willing to literally play whereever you are needed. Big pick yesterday.


He came up with 2 TOS yesterday. That went a long ways for the W. Played well


I believe he was the leading tackler for us in the game… kids a player.


Never questioned his courage or heart. His legs? Well that’s another matter.

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Clark plays with every ounce of talent and heart he has! Getting in position is his strong suit. His teammates need to take his lead and follow.
I hope puts some weight on. He needs too.


He was the leading tackler by a long shot. He struggles covering man at corner but for the most part he is consistent in zone coverage. That Int he got was perfect timing breaking on the ball from safety position. He has pretty good hands to, although I think he had 1 slip thru against Miss St, but he was in position to nab it.
Kid has a high football IQ.


That’s me as well.

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Clark was named SEC defensive player of the week today.


Good for him. Happy for him. Is that the second time

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Yes, second time.

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Charlie Hustle. kudos

He’s taken plenty of heat over the last couple of years. He very much deserves praise for how he played in Provo.

That interception he had helped seal the game for the Hogs.

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Clark shows what hard work and a High football IQ can accomplish on the field. While his man skills are limited because of his lack of speed he makes up for it with his heart and hard work.
We can ask is for our hogs to fight from the opening snap up to the clock hit all zeroes! He sure leaves it on the field.

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Blair could probably learn a few things from him.

A lot of things

Clark is much better in Zone where he can see the ball and react to it,He’s not a press man type guy,Safety maybe his best spot…Congratulations Hudson…Great job

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Do we have anyone good at man?

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Dwight McGlothern is pretty dang good there. I know he’s been beaten a few times lately, but that’s just kind of how playing defensive back works. If he can limit PIs, he’ll be solid down the stretch. He’s still got a sub-40% completion rate when targeted.

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Mcglothern is very good overall he usually is right there with his man early in the year he got caught looking in the backfield a couple of times.couple of PI’s have been very questionable.


Yes he probably could. They have been around each other for a while now. Blair should have picked up on some of it by now. I do believe all of those players are doing there best they just lack experience and are unsure what to do to make up for their lack of speed.

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