Hudson Clark

I didn’t know we had a player named Hudson Clark, but he played in our secondary (number 17) at key times down the stretch.

His bio says his grandfather (Jerry Clark) was a long time coach at Berryville and is in the Arkansas High School Coaches Associstio HOF.

Yep. Good Highland Park Scot. Proud of him. Saw him play many times over the years. He was a good HS player. Always close to the ball — nose for it. Played with John Stephen Jones. He saw a lot of these Leach type offenses in high school. I think his dad may work for the Cowboys. Goes to show if you play your tail off and go hard, size and speed isn’t everything. Great story.

Hudson’s grandfather’s name is Ronnie Clark. He coached at Berryville from 1969-96 and the football field there is named for him.

My wife thinks he has some connection to Harrison too.

He and Parodi are the two guys that some fans said they got walkon invites because of Morris sucking up to Jerry Jones. I think you’re seeing they’re legit prospects.

After seeing them play there very well may be a few more walk ons that play with more heart than those that have been told how great their star rating is!
Tony Bua comes to mind as a player that played with pure heart and determination.
Players that make plays need to be on the field.

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