Hudson and Busta

I have heard calls in sports talk and on message boards asking “what do we do with Hudson Clark when Busta returns?” Well, the answer is perfectly obvious. Play them both! At the same time. Nothing at all against Jerry Jacobs…who should also continue to be in the rotation…but its pretty obvious to everyone that, based on games anyway, Hudson and Busta have been the two most impactful corners.

So play 'em both. At the same time some of the time. Busta is still a stud. Looks like Hudson is too.

Pretty sure Pittman said yesterday that when we’re in the 3 CB 2 safety look that Brown, Jacobs, and Clark would all be out there. It went along with the “play our best 11” comments.

All I want to add is this … Jacobs must be doing his job or they would not be throwing at Hudson for him to get all these picks.

It’s a good problem to have!

There is no doubt folks have targeted Hudson’s side of the field (aka we are rarely in pure “man” so they can’t literally target “him”). And why wouldn’t they?! Bet that stops. Or at least diminishes.

Nothing makes me happier than to have a discussion about which of our DB’s should play most because they’re all playing so well. We all know how quickly someone can get injured. We also know how important it is to have fresh bodies in rotation. I agree with you. This should not be an either/or question.

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Amen arkie

They will all get to play a bunch.

Simply wonderful to enjoy reading these very positive insights concerning the play of our CB’s and our safeties aren’t slouches either.

I must be reading about some unknown school that has db’s that are playmakers. For the first time since the Cotton Bowl in 2012, we have a defense that is considered to be one of the best in the SEC. Great coaching and strong desire to excel transformed our defense from one of the worst in school history to a competitive ball hawking defense that can make stops and force turnovers. Kudos to Coach Oden, his defensive assistants, and the same players who could not stop anyone in recent years. The defense is properly lined up, the players play hard and aggressive, and they are playing with confidence. Coach Pittman has hired a first rate staff and that is paying dividends much earlier than the pundits predicted. Great job so far.

I know that we have to play numerous talented teams in the SEC and that wins are hard to come by. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to know that we no longer are cellar dwellers who get embarrassed in SEC football. GHG.

We have all talked and discussed how wore out our defense gets because of the lack of depth. Now the hogs have some depth! DB,s and DL. At LB we had Bumper Miss a game and didn’t miss a beat. It appears the reps in games has helped the entire defense.

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