HS Hoops Star inks NIL deal... 2 years before college/pro eligible

We are no longer just peeking into Pandoras nasty little box, we have torn the lid off and dumped the contents all over.

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Are there any rules about a “professional” athlete in high school?

Rules have been out the window for a long time. The best example is the NCAA lack of enforcement of said rules.

Every day is more interesting.

Most high school state associations, if not all, have amateurism rules. I’m pretty sure his high school career is over, and I don’t think he cares. Like the 15-year-old soccer player who just joined the NWSL team in Portland. Clearly she’s not worried about not being able to play high school or college soccer.

I know that if I could have gotten this deal back in high school, my farm-raised self would have jumped at it right away.

Anxious to see how it it is applied.

Will add a different layer to things when it comes to recruiting.

But I would like to be clear. - money is now on the table, instead of under it.


Young phenom athletes will end up like lots of Child Entertainers.

Too much glory with no real childhood often doesn’t end well.

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Being under age I would assume the parents or guardians are automatic managers of the kids finances. Until he is at least 18 years of age. Even if that’s only 1 more year.

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The dark side of this is many of these can’t miss High School Phenoms won’t pan out. In a few years the money will be gone, and all they’ll have is empty dreams and broken promises. And NO One will give a damn.

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Zion got paid long before he ever stepped foot on a college campus. Read the Sports Illustrated article. Everyone knew it including coach K. It’s a joke for the big boys and always has been.


Exactly @jerryj as noted by those in the know the money has been flowing under the table for years. The ole NCAA is as powerless as a race car out of fuel.

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I think you’re actually making a case FOR them getting paid then.
In the past, if they didn’t “pan out, they had no money for their efforts.

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