HS coaches and practice

I think this will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

Were the previous practices closed to HS coaches in the past? It seems like it was. I don’t remember it being reported like it is now.

How does this work? Are they allowed for the full practice? I assume once he starts putting in the playbook they will be asked to leave?

I remember CBP almost being paranoid about who saw practice.

Can’t be anything but a positive.

There have always been high school coaches at practice. But not as many as there are now. I can always remember seeing guys like Barry Lunney, Sr., Darryl Patton, Zak Clark, Mike Adams and others around practice. I don’t recall seeing too many times when the Plano East entire staff was there.

I don’t think this coach is too paranoid about high school coaches seeing his playbook. They are in the middle of installations now, so the playbook is going in.

I think this a big positive for both the Hogs & the HS Coaches.
HS Coaches can get pointers how to develope players & at the same time can relay to their players how they will fit in our system and what they need to do to fit in.

Morris gets it and the HS coaches like that he is one of them that has made it like Malzahn. I think Bret’s offense was rarely used at the HS level so very few coaches wanted to visit for schematic reasons. I don’t like the HUNH Spread but 90% of the HS programs use something like CM’s system. This guy is an amazing Texas HS coaching celebrity and along with another TXHSFB celebrity in Traylor they will create visibility and access to an impressive network of Texas HS coaches and players.

I am excited about the talent this staff can attract and has already attracted. It all starts with talent and talent can make a coach look like a genius. Bret did a pretty good job of recruiting “some” areas of the roster but failed in Oline and his offensive style attracted different WR, TE, RB, and QB’s. If they can find the hidden gems in the roster and put them in the right spots we can be ok this season. I am hoping for 6-6 with all of the changes, new QB, OLine and Dline.

I’d say there are 60 coaches here today and that many prospects.