HRs are up

Through the first 25 days of college baseball:
2023: 2.08 per game
2022: 1.69 per game.

This info was tweeted by Kendall Rogers.

Is the ball more lively?

Lot of older hitters. At least that’s my theory. I may be way off.

Could be weather related too, or at least wind-related. Normally there’s a strong wind blowing in from right field at Baum Walker, but this year we’ve had some almost calm days as well as a few blowing out to right.

Yeah I mentioned that as well Jeff we’ve not had the 20 mph winds consistently blowing in our face this year.

The post was referencing college baseball throughout America, not only Baum Stadium.

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I know that but weather has been weird a lot of places. Certainly has in SE NC where I live.

I doubt very seriously they have done anything to the ball bc there would be no real reason to… There have been plenty of runs being scored.We live in the launch angle age where kids are taught to uppercut the ball and when pitchers make mistakes they go a long way…

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