HR drought?

Just curious, but how many games have we played now without a home run? Just seems like it’s been a while.

last HR was against Mize a week ago.

The has not been a home run in four consecutive games. I’m not surprised by the last two. The North Little Rock park plays big and the 35 mph wind knocked down a lot of fly balls last night. I’m surprised Carlos Cortes got one out.

It barely did.
That was a strange play. I don’t even think the umps knew what happened for sure.

The wind was a gale (25-30) early this morning – out of the north. It’s supposed to swing around from the WNW around noon and then eventually from the west. That would be straight out at Baum, or to left if it’s a W wind. If there are not a bunch of home runs in this doubleheader I’ll be surprised. I went out to get the paper this morning at 6:30. Yikes. It was bitter cold with that north wind howling.

It is supposed to get to 51, but at 8:30 a.m. it’s 39. Cold, cold, cold with that wind.