HR ball going back to Charlie Welch

Good read here from Clay.


Where did it land? Never could find it, did it go over the bleachers? I know he crushed it.

I think it landed just over the bullpen, in the chair-back seats. Maybe @RickB can tell us exactly.

Oh ok… could never find the ball with so many people.

What about the ball Franklin threw to the fans after the final out? That ball should have been given to Kopps.

My brothers and I all yelled ‘no!’ when he turned toward the Hog Pen.

Rick B said the ball landed 10 feet from him. He has a picture on Facebook with the Sprouts and the ball (and Dee). Which is the picture with Clay’s story.

Cool Welch gets both of his game winners. 20-30-40 years from now. Those balls and maybe more along with pics of those events will sit proudly in a living room, office, shop, man cave, or wherever his family so desires.

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Yep. It landed in the aisle between sections BP1 and BP2. I was in row 1 of BP1 in the 5th seat from the aisle. The Sprouts were in the first 2 seats of row 2 of BP2


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