Howser Trophy semifinalists

Kevin Kopps, Brady Slavens and Christian Franklin are semifinalists for the Dick Howser Trophy as national player of the year.

How many semifinalists are there?

Interestingly, D1 Baseball recently updated their top 30 list of players by position, and Slavens didn’t even make their list (6 other SEC 1st basemen were on the list).

There are 41 semifinalists. Voters are asked to submit a ballot with their top eight players, ranked 1-8. I’m not sure if there was a cutoff, or if all submitted players qualified for the semifinal ballot.

Kopps was the only Arkansas player I submitted on my ballot. I was kind of surprised to see the other two on the semifinal list today.

Ok. I could see three out of 41. Three out of 15 would have been a bit much. Slavens surprises me a little even leading the SEC in RBIs.

Slavens has been outstanding at first base. That knock down of a hard hit and his follow up jump to secure the out was spectacular. His size has helped to secure some tough throws to first from all over the infield.

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