How's the win at all costs crowd, today? … 4330302467

Sleazy Rick. Maybe he needs to finally get punished. Providing hookers to recruits didn’t get it done. The sad part of all of this the AD and school continue to support this dirt bag!

Their scumbag AD is going down, too. He’s the same guy that so many applaud for having the sense (READ: moral bankruptcy) to rehire Petrino and put him with Pitino’s repeated, major transgressions.

I wonder how many fan bases were complaining that their coaches couldn’t close after that Louisville recruit got his $100k.

I’m just wondering if this is only cracking the surface here. Only basketball players & associates of them so far are involved. There a few other power sports in the NCAA & Pro ranks with shoes & jerseys contracts & major 5* prospects, and big big money to throw around.

I think that’s exactly right. I don’t know that it will go beyond basketball, but it doesn’t have to. They should be very nervous in Beaverton (Nike) and Baltimore (Under Armour). And even more nervous in, say, Lexington. The thing that makes hoops different is the sleaze factor of the summer AAU circuit, and the fact that one athlete can make all the difference. A 5-star WR or even QB won’t win you a national championship, but a 5-star shooting guard might.