How'd the QBs

Look today?

So far I’ve heard from those there that kelley had some pretty evident struggles today with his accuracy.

Heard Hyatt had a good and accurate practice. After some struggles in the beginning.

Any other takes from those that were there in here?


We saw 20 minutes. I’d hate to pin anything on anyone on what I saw because I don’t just watch the QBs. I saw maybe one five-minute period with the QBs. If you just focus on them in the 20 minutes, you don’t see nearly what I want to take in for the limited time we were out there.

I know the media will see all of the scrimmage days, start to finish. That first one will be Saturday. I’ll know much more on the QBs when I see that one.

As far as what I saw of QBs today, I didn’t see anything that would separate one from the other. And, the longest period that I saw the QBs was a drill that I think was designed more for flat coverage for the DBs and LBs than the QBs. The receivers were running right at the QB, there was a DB looping around the WR in pursuit and another coming from another angle. Definitely a drill more for the others than it was for the QBs.

I did see something else highly interesting, a big exercise ball that was tossed against the knees of punt return specialist as the punt arrived. It was meant to simulate someone diving under them and to maintain focus on the ball. I’ve never seen anything like it.

There were two “goal line drills” going on at the same time on different fields, live hitting drills that would be somewhat similar to bull in the ring. It is almost impossible to watch a practice and see everything. There are almost like 10 mini practices going on at the same time in some periods. There is just so much eye candy.

I watched the DL drills being conducted by Steve Caldwell while John Scott was on the other end working with special teams. It’s apparent that Randy Ramsey and McTelvin Agim (the two ends) bring something special and are lighter and quicker. Really, everyone is quicker. I’ll write some on that today.

Our D line play can be better than it has been in a while if we have quality depth. If you can judge based on what you have seen thus far, how do Gabe Richardson and Michael Taylor look, and who likely gets bumped down when Dorian Gerald gets here?

Thanks, Clay.

Looking forward to the scrimmage updates.

Michael Taylor was at an end spot and is fast and quick. There was no contact in the drill I saw with the DE, it was just training them on stunts and working on their get off. Steve Caldwell is a very good technician.