How will Isaiah Joe be remembered?

Or will he be not remembered like Joe Johnson. A lot of fans have trouble remembering JJ played at UA.

JJ played in 2 NCAATs and won the SECT. Basketball Times all freshman 2nd team, SEC newcomer of the year, all-SEC 2nd team, SEC pre-season POY, Street & Smith pre-season 1st team AA. Had a late start to freshman season and played hurt through his sophomore season.

IJ played 1 NIT, SEC all freshman team, made most 3s in a season in program history. Had a mid-season injury that limited him in his sophomore season.

I think what most will remember is that he was a very good shooter, but I also thought he was a very good defensive player and a very good teammate.

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My guess is he will remembered as a very good to great player, one of the best shooters the school has had had (holds the school record for 113 3-pointers in a season) and someone who likely would have led Arkansas into the NCAA Tournament as a sophomore if he had not gotten hurt.

As for you statement that a lot of fans having trouble remembering Joe played at Arkansas, I don’t get that at all.


Not well according to a local radio host.

I remember a quiet, assassin who could fill it on offense and surprise on defense. When he shot it,I was surprised it didn’t go in. A classy young man who I hope has a long NBA career. I miss him already.

As a great Razorback! Anything else, and someone is just being petty. The kid is chasing his dream, and I’m guessing he realizes that dream with that sweet stroke.

a young man who stayed home to play basketball for us. well spoken, dependable. one of if not the best 3 point shooter we’ve ever had, and an overlooked defensive player. team first player.

I think it’s a bit early to gage how IJ will be remembered by Hog fans.
Certainly, great that he stayed at home and played for the Hogs, exciting to watch the release of that 3 ball and expecting it go in, better defensive player than given credit. Ultimately, didn’t get the Hogs to the NCAA Tournament, left the program early with work left to do to improve his NBA value. Perhaps it works out and perhaps it doesn’t, hopefully for his sake it does. However, these guys will probably never be revered to Hog fans the way that the Triplets, MayDay and the Big O as well as Big Nasty are due to the fact that those guys left the program with nothing left to prove and gave everything they had to give to the program and the fans. Unfortunately, that’s not the state of affairs these days.

Who? just kidding

I will remember him as a great Razorback and a member of my all what if team. What if he had played with Reggie Perry? What if he not been injured for so many games his sophomore year? What if Covid 19 had stayed in Wuhan province?

Dependent upon his NBA career. If Arkansas has a great deal of success and he can’t maintain NBA employment his former teammates popularity may over shadow his.

Worst case scenario he will be fondly remembered as a dynamic force from 3pt range.

Exactly. That was my point. Most in this thread are talking about what they remember today. Over time memory fades and that is what happened to Joe Johnson. When subject of JJ cones up in my conversations with others and I mention some of what Joe accomplished as a Hog, some say “really?”. That is what I mean Dudley,

Will happen to Bobby Portis and Daniel Gafford. May happen to Isaiah faster because he didn’t even play in the NCAAT and there are no team accomplishments to bank on.

Now there are two things that may keep Isaiah and his awesome shooting in memory much longer, First, today’s social media and marketing and Muss does an excellent job of marketing and promotional videos. Second, if Muss becomes the second or third best coach in Razorback history as some predict, Isaiah will be remembered as having laid the foundation for the Muss era.

One thing I will remember is his ability or willingness to step up and take a charge. There aren’t very many prolific scorers that would make a play on the offensive end and come down and take another basket away defensively by drawing the player control foul on the defensive end. He was a very selfless player in my mind.

I wished he was staying but 2020 hs turned out to be a messed up year and cannot blame him one bit. The NBA’s bubble has proven to be effective, so there will be pro ball next year. As schools go back to campus and the virus takes off again, I doubt there will be a college season.

If he has a nice pro career, it will enhance his reputation as a Razorback. He was certainly a great long range shooter and he was becoming a really good all-around player as his 2nd year ended. When players leave after a couple of years, it cuts those accomplishments and memories short, unfortunately.

JJ would be more remembered if he had not played poorly in both NCAAT appearances. He was a combined 10 of 33 (1 of 8) in two games that we lost by a total of 6 points. You have to show up in the postseason if you want to be remembered.

IJ will mainly be remembered for his NBA career because he played in two forgettable seasons relative to Arkansas team success. I wish he had been a year older. If he had shown up the previous year, we could have made a deep run.

I pretty much agree with this but for the most part guys that stay for three-four years are more ingrained in the minds of fans. The more you see a player the more you remember.

Joe should always be remembered as a great hog! He stayed home when others before him took their talents elsewhere. I hope he finds success in basketball as well as life. The one thing that stands out to me is the way Joe always spoke with respect and humility and the way he was always a team player!

This is what I think. As a Fort Smither, I would have liked to see him play another year on the Hill.

Two and done, seems to be a bad line. 3 years is normally needed to be considered a Hog great. But, the issue in the background, Coronavirus, has caused a lot of seemingly strange decisions.

It’s sad he got hurt; more sad he was on bad teams.

Great shooter on decent teams that did not make the NCAA tournament.

Rooting for him to do great in the NBA.

I think how he will be remembered is yet to be determined. He’s just getting started in his basketball career and is still what I’d call a young man. He played less than two years at Arkansas.

But what I remember most is that he fought back to return to the floor after a surgery that some would have just said, “That’s enough. Not going to risk anything else.” I think he was about to have a good SEC tournament. Who knows, he might have helped the team make the NCAA tournament.