How will Chad Morris offense be successful?

As I’m watching these “minor” bowls it seems like about 80 to 90 percent of the teams are running the same offense as Morris is promising. Shotgun, spread, no-huddle, up-tempo.
Not to be negative, but I just wonder how Arkansas’ version is going to be different to set it apart if we’re running the same offense as everyone else?
To make a generalization, it seems like the stronger programs with better athletes slow it down a little and run more power runs out of it. A team without the top athletes (an SMU) seems more all-in on flinging it around.
I figure to be successful you have to 1) have a great quarterback and 2) be able to run power in the middle of the field to keep the defense loosened up.
Just wondered what others’ thoughts are?
As far as defense, I don’t think you have to necessarily have to have a dominant, physical defense but you need to be able to create turnovers. If the defense can create 2 to 3 turnovers, it would give the offense a significant advantage in field position.