How well does Cole Kelley punt?

Just curious. I know he was listed as our backup punter last year. I don’t recall him punting in a game, but he must be fairly decent to be the backup.

We are averaging 35.5 yards per punt after 19 punts so far this season. Not good. I don’t recall any long boomers with a lot of hang time yet this season. Both punters just seem to be really inconsistent.

Now that Ty seems to have secured the QB spot and the majority of the practice reps for at least the time being, and Cole seems to be our 4th down, short yardage QB (and I was impressed with his sideline demeanor and the way he seemed to accept this role yesterday), if he could average anywhere close to that then it might take a little pressure off of our punt coverage unit while also allowing us to expand our 4th down package.

I like the options it would present by having a QB as your punter and also your short yardage QB. The fact that you could give the appearance of going for it, and then shift him back further in punt formation and punt or quick quick, or start him in punt formation and move him up for the QB keeper or the fake keeper and jump pass, might at least cause some opposing coaches to not concentrate so much on the return or the block and give them something else to worry about. Might keep them in a safe formation with the regular defense on the field or force them into a timeout to get the defense off and the return team in. Just a thought.