How Well do we Match up with LSU?

I am thinking this is another case of where we match up well.

Can we put a plan together in a week that can offset their talent?

I think we’ll do the same thing we did for the last two years: Load the box to stop the run and dare their QB to beat us with his arm. Etling is not a running threat. He’s hitting 58% of his passes, averaging 7.14 yards per attempt. AA is hitting 61.8% and averaging 8.33 YPA. Their line is giving up about 2 sacks per game, so you can get to him.

I think we match up well. They’re coming off of a physical home loss at home. It was a loss that was a big blow to them.

If one looks at the last 4 meetings it is clear we match up very well with them.

And, Etling is just an awful QB.

We just need our OL to hold up and to slow Fournette as we have in the past.

My biggest concern is the betting line. The last time I thought it was way too high, we lost 56-3.

I remember from several years ago at a F’ville game it was very cold and wind was blowing, they dont like those cold temps and made a big deal of it. How cold or cool is going to be Saturday night?

Swine, I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but it was said AUB’s White wasn’t a running threat and we would stack the box to make him throw. Didn’t work out very well for the Hogs.

We matched up well against Florida because they have a poor offense.

LSU is a different matter. They run the ball extremely well, and we don’t defend the run well.

If LSU plays on defense like they did against Bama it could be a very tough game to win.

The key to the game, in my view, is how our defense handles the run.

Style of play, it’s a good matchup. LSU is in a pro styled scheme, without a great player at quarterback. It’s about tackling Fournette and Guice. You try to stop those two (not easy) and make Ettling beat you. He hasn’t shown that he can do that. Pretty much what the Hogs did last week against Florida. Play the run, make Del Rio beat you. He couldn’t do it.

If the same defense that played Florida shows up, I like our chances. We need a faster start from AA. Of course, he had hardly practiced since the Auburn game. He did certainly look sharp going out the game. I’m thinking LSU is in a bad place mentally. All the assistants are sending out resumes. All the support people are sending out resumes. Ed should be, unfair as that is. The kids are wondering what the heck’s going on next year. It’s a ton of distractions. And they just got shut out by Alabama after a supreme effort. I’d much rather be us than them.

The way to run on Arkansas is with a mobile QB on the zone-option or to run sweeps to the perimeter. I didn’t see Florida try to do much of that. LSU didn’t do much of that last year, so it’ll be interesting to see if it changes it game plan at all to challenge Arkansas’ weakness defensively.

Offensively, I think Arkansas will have a tougher time running against LSU, but may be able to pass it better than against Florida.

Overall, I like Arkansas’ chances to win, especially at home.

I didn’t say that. Auburn’s offense is completely different. They stretch you out and create gaps – and some of those gaps were HUUUGE. LSU doesn’t do that. They play very much like we do. I think if you look at how the Bama defense played LSU, that’s what we will do for the most part. Obviously, Bama is running higher level talent out there than we are, but we know this game plan can work; we made it work in Fayetteville two years ago and in Baton Rouge last year. Etling’s running ability matters in that he’s not going to hurt us with scrambles on called passes like Chad Kelly did last year, for instance. White basically never had to throw, so it wasn’t an issue – and even then he hurt us some on the read option. Etling isn’t going to be running read option.

Fuzzy, don’t know what the game-time temp will be, but the low Sat night is forcast to be 37 degrees.

It has finally felt like fall this week. The high temperatures have been in the 60s all week and it has rained the last two days. It’s supposed to be a similar temperature Saturday, but without the precipitation.

It will be cold Saturday night, but not frigid like that LSU game two years ago or the Mississippi State game last season.

… for Saturday is for a high of 62° and a low of 37°. It’s still a little early for the hour by hour, but that looks like football weather to me. It just won’t be as cold as when we broke out to win the boot two years ago.

Farthest out I see for an hour by hour forecast is Thursday night. They predict 53 at 6 p.m. and into the mid-40s by 9 p.m. And Thursday is supposed to be warmer than Saturday in Fayetteville.

In the poll I picked with a 3-1 finish.
Guessing that we lose to LSU.
We did our job for the Gators. Just a great performance, actually I rank that somewhere in my top 10 of the games BEST I’ve ever seen. It was Florida guys, and how many times have be beat them??? LIKE never---- NONE in conference play. I know it’s not a game like beating Texas or Oklahoma, but it was huge. Those guys went down like whipped gators. They will never forget the hits we gave them.

Miss. State I had that marked as a win but the A&M win I’m not so sure now. But don’t they play the Tide this week? Hopefully they get worn out in that game.

MU a win…

NOW back to LSU, sure I always think we can win any game. YES they used a lot of energy against Alabama.

Having said all that NOBODY seems to be discussing that we have had their number for sevael yers. BEAT the guys and they win a NC.

And O know how to coach… If I was him I would be pasting headlines OF all those games and the Boot. Do I think we win yes buy the revenge factor has me worried!!

Any thoughts or discussing this opinion???

The way to run on Arkansas is with a mobile QB on the zone-option or to run sweeps to the perimeter. I didn’t see Florida try to do much of that. LSU didn’t do much of that last year, so it’ll be interesting to see if it changes it game plan at all to challenge Arkansas’ weakness defensively.
[/quote]Matt, why can’t the Hogs fix this, this season?

It the hogs play aggressive on defense we will be in the game. But it will be up to the offense to keep the chains moving to keep the defense fresh. Our offense moved the ball and scored against both Bama and A&M so in my option it comes down to stopping the run. Hogs - 24
LSU. - 10
If the hogs win this one we should have
9 win season well within reach! Last year the early non conference let downs hurt us this year I think we had A&M my the throat and just failed the knock out blow! Hogs are a better team now than they were early in the year! It would be nice to have more depth on both lines and at CB and DB. It is getting there and win or loose go Hogs !!!


No disrepect intended toward Matt, but if guys who are paid to coach can’t figure out how to fix it, why would you think a guy that is paid to write would know how?

I’m sure it’s a combination of scheme, talent on hand, injuries, etc. Speed is the biggest reason I see. You can’t coach speed - doesn’t matter what game you are playing.