How Well Can This Staff Recruit?

We are about to truly find out. The early returns have been very positive…


There is a short term challenge and a longer term challenge they are about to deal with given the disaster that the 2018 season was.

  1. Keeping this class together will be a challenge. Some of our kids will become priorities for bigger schools - possibly instate schools - after these schools miss on their A list targets. Will they alll stay firm? Doubt it, but hope the attrition is minimal.

  2. Closing Strong - 2 juco OL, Bryant, Brooks ( supposedly a silent commit) and Catalon ( supposedly a silent as well). Can they close on all of these targets? Do they have the salesmanship to overcome the current dumpster fire with kids that have options that are much better than Arkansas right now? Tough job.

  3. 2020 Class: Another strong class is a must. Two problems? Instate crop is weak & it’s going to be harder to sell hope to this class. The 2019 class was sold on a vision by a guy who was 0-0 at Arkansas and was telling kids to look at Clemson to see what Arkansas will be. Well, now he has a record at Arkansas and it’s God awful. All his fault ? Of course not, but that’s not what Mike Gundy, Jimbo Fisher and others will tell kids. Again, very heavy lift as evidenced by the fact Arkansas is one of two SEC schools with zero 2020 commits.

Is this staff comprised of elite recruiters? We are about to truly find out.

It is going to be tough duty. I am pulling for them.

I cannot understand why they have been put in this position. Unreal.

They are in a hole deeper than our glorious stadium, and we have given them a spoon to fill it in. Great position to be in. I don’t doubt their work ethic, creativity, but they have major work ahead. I’m impressed so far.

Amazingly well so far but I believe it’s much easier to recruit and when your 0 - 0 then 2 - 10. Always two ways to look at it they will see a tremendous chance to come in and play early or they will look at it as we are a long long ways from being competitive and go elsewhere to more competitive teams

I would say that early returns are great in terms of work ethic and results.

I’ll keep harping on the fact that the recruits believe in this staff far more than most of you do.

So far the recruiting of this staff appears to be what is needed. They seem to have a plan and put in a lot of energy and hard work.
If they keep on keeping on with this, and find/develop the all important QB for this offense, then I think there will be steady progress in the win column over the next three years leading us to a point where we are able to sustain a team that is competitive with anybody.
I believe this head coach has what it takes to get it done.
As a fan - I don’t have to to win them all to be happy - but I like thinking we have a real chance to compete and win every time we take the field.
All my growing up years I always felt like Arkansas would show up to play with great effort, win more than their share, and never seemed to get embarrassed by quitting.
I am hopeful we get their again and relatively soon.
Winning isn’t everything, but making the effort to win is. - Vince Lombardi