How we look without Perry in 18-19

While I’m extremely disappointed we lost Perry, I still think the 18-19 team will be something to look forward to.

We just got news that TJ Moss, a player we’ve been recruiting the past couple of years, is going to play with the Hawks in the July period. He’s a 4-star 6’4 SG, who can also play a little PG as well if needed. He can really shoot the ball and has nice size and athleticism. He would be a huge pick-up for us.

We also have DJ Weaver, who’s on the Hawks on the board as well. Who I think is going to probably end up being a Hog by the end of the summer.

If we land those 2 guys our roster probably looks something like this…

  1. Harris / Moss / Sills
  2. Jones / Joe
  3. Garland / Hall
  4. Bailey / Osabouhien / Weaver
  5. Gafford / Henderson

Then we could possibly use that 13th scholarship on Hill redshirting if we don’t find another good big. To me that’s still a very competitive team, especially if Bailey and Jones progress like we think they should.

Yes it does look like a pretty salty roster. Still I weep thinking about Trey Thompson’s wasted freshman year and what might have been if he had red shirted.

I understand the staff really wants Josh LeBlanc in addition to TJ.

Gonna have to look up some film of Moss and LeBlanc. I haven’t seen a ton of Weaver, but I haven’t been overly blown away with what I have seen. I know he’s still working back from the ACL and was a big-time guy before, but it’ll be interesting to track his progress. It’s late and I’m not going to do the numbers right now, but I wonder who the staff prefers between say Javon Franklin and him. Franklin seems much more athletic, but Weaver more skilled.

That does still look like a good roster. Really like the shooting Jones and Joe should bring.

I agree with how you’ve slotted Hall and Gabe (gonna have to practice spelling his last name). I expect people may fret about the lack of a bruising big, but I think Gafford and Henderson (if he progresses) is a solid tandem that’ll be able to more than hold its own based on athleticism.

A lot of this is contingent on Harris being ready to go. If Moss is really that good, you’d think it allows Justice to not be forced into action that year.

I am sure they will prefer Franklin over Weaver. But do you think Franklin can transfer here after just one year of Juco?

I’d prefer that we find a true forward for one of the available scholarships. That said, we are getting much bigger and athletic on perimeter. That makes a difference. We can still have good length with a combo at the #4.

Landing LeBlanc would be awesome, If you watch his highlights and see how he plays his game is actually similar to Reggie Perry’s game. I’m just skeptical on us pulling him away from LSU.

I agree with you on Weaver, he hasn’t done anything to really blow anyone away, however, I think just because of his size and upside I don’t think staff will turn him down if he wants to commit, unless they are really confident about landing some other guys in his spot. At worse case, Weaver is a guy that wouldn’t be expected to contribute right away and still have a year or 2 to show he can get back to being a top level player. As far as Javon, I was under the impression he’d be a 2019 guy right? If there’s a chance he could come out of JUCO and be with the 2018 class, I’m sure staff will make sure they have a spot for him.

With Gafford and Henderson at the 5, you’re right people would probably look at it and not be blow away, but if Gafford progresses like we think he’ll be a 27-29 MPG guy, and Henderson is more than athletic enough to play the 5 and hold his on, I really can’t see him playing the 4 in our system, he can’t shoot that well or handle the ball. All the 4’s CMA uses can shoot a little bit and have decent ball handling skills to help push the tempo. And CMA really never has that many “bigs” he likes to mostly stock pile combo forwards. I could see a sophomore year Portis/Kingsley combo with Gafford/Henderson.

No one has told me this, but reading between the lines, I think DJ Weaver is ready to commit but they are holding him off to see how he is recovering from his serious injury.

As far as Henderson, I think he lacks the height to play a true 5. From what I see, he is putting in some serious work on jump shots from 10 feet in. I think they will play him as a 5 with some 4 in 2018-19 but develop into a 4 in 2019-20. They are going to have to find another true 5 for 2019-20 in case Gafford leaves early.

Could be right about Weaver, that scenario wouldn’t surprise me either, we’ll find out soon what’s the deal on him as he’s said he wants to commit by the end of summer. I think unless we have some sure fire guys lined up, I don’t think they’ll pass on him.

On Henderson and his size, he’s listed at 6’8 190 right now. In comparison Moses Kingsley came in listed as 6’9 210. I don’t think it would be that far-fetched to think Henderson will be listed very similar in about a year and a half when he comes in, and I think Henderson is actually more athletic and may have a higher upside than Kingsley. Henderson is a guy I been paying attention to, just because I was hoping he’d really blow up this summer, as of right now I just don’t see any way he sees the floor at the 4 spot because the shooting and ball handling just aren’t there, obviously he still has time to get better in those aspects, time will tell, and with Perry off the board for now Henderson could end up being our highest rated recruit and we need him to be a beast, so I’m rooting for him to improve dramatically.

You guys are right about Franklin, I haven’t heard anything to indicate he’d need just one year of JUCO.

I think The debate on Henderson is interesting. From a skill standpoint, he could play the four or five. But because of his size and athleticism, I lean toward him playing the four when he’s here.

We need a skilled big. Weaver could be that guy, and I agree with PJ that the staff is seeing how much he comes along this summer.

LeBlanc seems LSU or Aggie bound.

We should hear about new targets soon.

No, he will need two years

This is my issue with losing Perry. When you add Perry to that class (as a one and done) and you look at the roster. You finally have the guards that both CMA and Nolan coveted (as an example, Macon and Barford vs Monk and Fox, all listed at 6’3, but when you watched the games they, Monk and Fox, seemed much longer and athletic. I’m not dissing either Barford or Macon they are both really good players, but compared to the other two, they didn’t seem as long or as athletic.)

Then, for the first time in a long time we legitimately have length and athleticism at the three (Qualls was good, but he had an issue guarding the longer, athletic threes). These guys are longer and may even be better in the long run.

Now, for the post, this is what makes me cringe. Gafford in my opinion will be better than Moses, by the time it’s all said and done. He’s a stud, who I believe is underrated. Then if you throw in Perry at the four, he is a piece we’ve been missing. He would have been the highest rated commit since Corliss and I think, because of size and skill set, may have had more upside. I don’t see that with Henderson, even after four years (maybe he proves me wrong, let’s hope).

We would have had a complete team, first time since the NC season, that we had guys who could match up at every position and MAY have actually had a stronger inside game than then. Losing Perry puts us in a position we’ve experienced many times since the loss of Corliss, a weak spot at the four. I think we went from a possible really good season to a good season. JMO

There is no way to spin that losing Perry has no negative impact. I don’t think anyone is spinning that.

However, our 2018 recruiting is not yet complete, so it is too early to project that 4 will be a weak spot.

You have insider info? The names I’ve seen seem to be either guards or heading elsewhere. There a diamond in the rough we are onto?

I am looking at three things. Information from insiders that new names will be coming up as July evaluation period has just begun. Second there is Spring recruiting that may bring in a graduate transfer or late bloomers. I am just saying with nine months to go until the April signing period and four months until November signing, it is too early to make a definitive statement. Third thing is potential development Gabe and Adrio.

Wouldn’t that be sort of like me saying I hope young Mr Henderson proves me wrong? By the way, I hope those two become future NBA players and great Hogs (wish that about all the Hogs).

Well, let’s just summarize this as I am not willing to declare 17 months ahead of 2018-19 season that 4 will be a weak spot and you are.