How we got in this mess (long)

Super great post. The debacle with Gus and Houston is indeed how this began.

One could also point to Kenny bolting to Clemson, again with Frank meddling. But, Houston got things back on track…so it really does seem that it was Houston v Gus and all the Springdale contingent that . started this total implosion.

We are gonna have to have a coach with x and o chops AND charisma to get out of this mess…and charisma is the more important component. And ethics. Not another BP.

Look at the list of recruits in 2019 that got us to 23rd ranking in recruiting, including 11 four star. We usually average half that # of 4 star talent.


Another variable to consider with regards to the UA’s decline in football… The significant decline of in-state HS SEC talent. We can draw a direct correlation between the UA’s football demise and the shrinking pool of in-state SEC talent. As previously discussed, central Arkansas public school talent has all but evaporated.


Talent is proved on the field, not in a newspaper

How much football talent does Kansas produce ? KSU whipped OU and working Texas over as we speak without a lot less talent on paper than Arkansas.

Holy Crap! Why didn’t I think of that. It’s all Gus Malzahn’s fault. He caused Arkansas to be flushed down the crapper. He must have run Petrino’s cycle off the road. He paid the little “Money Bags” to hire J. L. Smith. He hand carried that note from “Coach Big Mouth” to Money Bags. He made the Arkansas football powers extend a big cash offer to him. He has single handed made Arkansas into the laughing stock of the SEC and the nation. He is purely the devil in the state of Arkansas. I have finally had my eyes opened by the a true genus of the crapper nation.

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That’s a given. However without the talent, especially at key positions, we will never be competitive in this conference - with or without good coaching to develop the players & the program.

Evidently your reading comprehension is about the same as Chad Morris’ coaching ability

Certainly, but right now we are bankrupt in general everywhere. We dug a deep hole and it will take much effort to get out of it. We have no way to go but up.

All I know is today our coach (dancing Chad) has a 1-35 record when losing at halftime. whether you agree with the dancing after beating a cupcake or not; the dancing is not something we should expect to see often anyway.

Is he fired yet? :stopwatch: