How was the crowd yesterday?

I didn’t get to watch; had to make my two-hour Sunday afternoon drive to work. Fortunately ESPNU Radio on Sirius had Chuck and Z – for the first half. At exactly 5 pm ET the broadcast stopped. So I dialed them up on the app on my phone and Bluetoothed it through my radio. But anyway, didn’t get to see what kind of crowd it was on a Sunday NFL afternoon.

I was there. I would guess maybe 8,000 in attendance. Definitely more empty seats than full.

Several empty seats on either side of me plus nobody in front or behind. There was someone in the row behind and down a couple of seats.

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Very few students were there either , that should change Wed.

I’d guess closer to 10,000. The difference this season, is the upper deck, percentage wise, was fuller than the lower seats. Most all the new season ticket holders ended up in the the upper deck and they are more likely to attend the OOC games than those who have had their seats for years. The OOC games I’ve attended the last 5 years had very few people in the upper deck.

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