How was the crowd last night?

Since we played an “In State Rival,” should I assume the crowd was larger and livelier than if we had played a weak out of state team?

Did UCA bring many fans?

Laughing Minions


I know the ship has sailed on this issue, but I will go back to why we shouldn’t play instate schools. My oldest son was raised a Hog fan. He has been going to Hog football games since a very young age. A few basketball and baseball games along the way.

He attended UCA (we are from Conway). Last night, when he went to the game, he wasn’t wearing red and white, he was in purple.

Is he still a Hog fan? Of course, But if UCA was really a good team (may never happen, but could happen at UALR or even, gag, at ASWho), it could/probably would end up with fans from those schools “choosing sides” and not for just one night. How many Ole Miss fans support MSU except when they play? I am sure there are some, I don’t know any. How many Auburn fans support Alabama except when they play? I know none.

Stepping off soap box.


Agree 100%.

Probably half the number that were there on Sunday for Penn.

I understand what you are saying, but the ease and draw of having in-state opponents who will come and play a midweek game for a reasonable guarantee is too tempting to pass up. The coaches of the smaller sports, e.g., softball, baseball, soccer, absolutely love it because it makes their scheduling much easier. The coaches of the major sports take advantage of it too.

I know the ship has sailed. And I know there are some advantages, I just think Barnhill and JFB were correct for the big picture. (Dead horse here, my fault for beating it!)


They brought all of them. Couple of really nice guys ….


I would say UCA had 50 or so fans that stayed around after the game when I was interviewing Coach Boone, Darious and Collin.

As I have said many times, I absolutely love the in-state schools playing each other.

But then again, I am not scared of anything. :sunglasses:


Fear has nothing to do with it and you know it my friend.

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He knows we know better, but the corporate line is the corporate line. The crux of the matter is most certainly not fear of the competition, again this is known. The truth is drawing and dividing loyalties in our small state. Always has been, always will be. Job security often demands obligatory feigned support.

Yes, the media absolutely adores it. I can’t see that anyone else gives a rip.

I don’t adore it because I’m part of the media.

I like it for two main reasons:

  1. I grew up going to watch Arkansas, Arkansas State, UALR, Harding, UCA and other AIC schools play and enjoyed them all

2)I enjoy watching Arkansas kids play against each other


I’m with Dudley. What are y’all afraid of? No team in this state is ever gonna steal the Razorback’s thunder. I was actually interested in last night’s game because of Darious Hall. Would you be more excited to see us play Louisiana Lafayette? Not me, and our players seemed to enjoy the game as well. They knew several players on the other side, and it made for a more compelling, and interesting, ballgame. Did you really think we were gonna lose to UCA? Seriously? The only team I hope we never play is ASU, after the crap their head coach said last year.


Again, it isn’t about fear.

DD, I get your point and you are probably right. However, it’s hard to believe that anyone with UCA ties (I’m an alum from there) actually enjoyed that the other night.

While I don’t care to play any in state schools in football, I’m more than OK playing them in the other sports. I would also like to propose an idea for an exhibition game next season. We play UAFS, but only play our 5 scholarship players who are likely to play the least amount of minutes at the beginning of the season, and our walkons. Great way for Muss to evaluate some of these guys, there would be some suspense, and it really wouldn’t matter if we won or lost.

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First Statement: Same here. I’m always “actually interested” when an opposing player is a former Razorback. (That interest does not apply simply because an opposing player is from the State of Arkansas.)

Second Statement: I’m neither “more excited” … nor less excited … to see the Hogs play an in-state school versus Louisiana Lafayette … or any other seriously-overmatched team. (Again, my interest doesn’t apply to an opposing team simply because they’re from the State of Arkansas.)

I was excited (or I should say somewhat interested) to see Darius Hall. And it was a big disappointment. UCA didn’t deserve to be on the same court as us. Ya the hogs played down to their level for the first 10 minutes or so, and overall it was a waste of my time to watch that. Chance Moore got some minutes and the hogs had a chance to score a hundred. They should’ve. But we couldn’t focus enough to even make free throws. So I don’t know, I guess all I can say is I’m in favor of the hogs playing in state schools… in preseason exhibitions… when the cost of attendance is a canned food for the holiday food drive… and no television to let the rest of the country see that… someone wake me up when sec play starts

How many folks go to BWA to watch a scrimmage? That is the extent of value in playing UCA, UAPB, or ASU at present. For an early game it makes some sense to keep the financial aspect of the intrastate contest fulfilled, particularly when travel restriction is a factor, but to use such a game to improve team effort is somewhat of a stretch. Arkansas should have scored 120 points against UCA and this year, likely against any other instate opponent. So far the instate games have produced a clear victory for the UAPB band at WMS and 50 purpled clad bear supporters in the BWA UCA game. Not good for the program, and I did not hear much from the postgame press conference that could be of later benefit. It is too bad power five schools no longer field junior varsity teams. Such a match might offer some value.