How upset would Arkansas fans be

if the Hogs took a commitment from a kid that had no chance of qualifying?

A HS coach told me one of his kids has zero chance of getting qualified, but a non-SEC school has accepted his pledge. He
believes the school took the kid because it helps with the fans. The kid is a very well regarded prospect.

I guess you have to look at it as to how it affects the rest of recruiting (and I suspect it would be different from school to school, position of the player, etc. etc.)

As I understand it, it wouldn’t actually affect your 25 number as it doesn’t matter how many commitments you have, but how many you sign.


Would his commitment help with other recruiting? “Hey, if that stud is going there, maybe I should consider them”

Or, hurt, “I crossing them off my list because he plays the same position as me”

Just to make fans happy, I think it is a stupid move, but, if it has no negative effect, OK, so what. If it has a positive effect, good move, win/win. If it has a negative effect, very stupid move.

Personally I don’t like the idea of a coach offering a kid that he knows for sure will not qualify!
I hope that isn’t going on here.
It would not help on the field and that’s the bottom line.
It also could be an integrity issue and that’s my option. Be honest and up front with people and tell them the truth. I’ve had to tell folks they were not qualified for jobs in many instances and did my best not to make anyone mad or upset. Sometimes either a kid or a parent get upset but when it’s all said and done they will realize where the fault lies.
A fan base should be told the facts also.