How to sync the radio broadcast to the television broadcast

I’ve been using this setup all season and thought I would share it here for anybody wanting to sync up our home radio broadcast with the ESPN television broadcast. It’s surprisingly simple, much more enjoyable (for me), and only has one small caveat — the dummy at ESPN must remain awake at the control board and actually stream the game.

If you don’t already have it, head over here and download VLC player for your computer or device. I use a Mac and stream the audio to my TV’s soundbar, but you can use whatever works best for your setup.

Open VLC and click on “File” in the menubar, then choose “Open Network…” and paste the following link into the URL box:

Once the stream is playing, click on “Playback” in the menubar and adjust the playback speed accordingly until it matches the television broadcast. Set this back to normal and you’re done! I usually have to make a couple of small adjustments each game, but so far it’s been totally worth it to hear Chuck and Zimm call those Hogs every night!

Good luck and feel free to reach out with any questions. WPS!

Interesting, thanks.

I use a different method.

I stream the audio using either the Razorbacks app or the Varsity Network app. I have a couple of bluetooth speakers and will connect one of them to my phone.
Then I close the phone, not the app, just the phone. When I want to pause the audio, I use the lock screen. Pausing from within the audio app doesn’t work. It usually jumps back to live. I’ve been doing this for years and the only issue that I have had has been when there is a huge discrepancy in time between the audio and video. In that case, I pause the audio briefly, and keep doing that until the two are synced.

Man, y’all are some techies. My method is much more simple.

I just put the audio stream on from my computer or iPad. And I use the pause button on my remote to delay the Directv broadcast to sync with the computer stream. Usually takes me a minute or so of fiddling to get it just right. The TV is almost always ahead of the streamed audio. That is the only reason this works.

Y’all’s methods are much more precise I’m sure. But I take it as a personal challenge to see how quickly I can fiddle with pause or speed up to sync them perfectly.

Of course when the game is delayed I’m screwed. In those cases I just watch online with their announcers until its on TV.

I’m pretty non-technical (which is why we have Apple products) so this is what I do too. It’s actually kinda fun getting everything synched up.

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