How to sell UA for new coach?


I enjoyed reading Clay’s article about how Frank Broyles would sell and capture prospective coaches. Which leads me to ask how is HY selling the UA to CLK or other potential coaches? Especially if HY is competing against OM which enjoys a vastly superior local recruiting footprint and closer proximity relatively speaking to big cities, beaches and entertainment. Besides $$$, how can HY best sell the UA for such a challenging renovation?


Anyone that would live anywhere in MS vs Arkansas is beyond me. Especially NWA.


Well, if Lane Kiffin does go to OM, obviously the OM AD with his BOT support, was able to sell OM over UA.

Or, perhaps the UA (AD and/ or BOT), said no to Lane Kiffin (or never offered to Kiffin in the first place) which made it an easy sell for OM.

Hopefully we shall know the truthful story of the coaching search and there was not any difficulty in selling the UA to our new coach and his assistants.


In my travels to talk to kids in Texas before the Texas A&M since the series started in Arlington, I had a a fairly high profile HS coach tell me he would move to Oxford in a heartbeat if he could. He LOVED Oxford.

Did we just fire him?

I am new to this and just my opinion of an outsider from DFW. My Daughter is a Junior at U Ark and we absolutely love the school and the area and visit way too much for her liking actually!

When picking schools we applied and visited Bama, Auburn , OM, Cosstal Carolona, Texas Tech, Texas A/m. She was accepted at all except Texas AM which I didn’t like anyways since it’s huge.

Anyways NWA area has lot to offer with beautiful areas, great cities , foodie scene and is why it is picked Top 5 In country to live and the number 1 school campus to live in SEC.

I am now a homer and own a lot of Hogs shirts jackets hats and can’t wait for baseball.

I hope for a great coach also let’s all hope for best

The AD seemed to get s great basketball coach let’s see how he does here

WPS all !