How to par 16 at Augusta National

Si-Woo Kim of South Korea played 16 with a 9-iron, 3-wood, 3-wood. On a par 3? Yep. He broke his putter jamming it into the ground near the 15th green, couldn’t play with the damaged club, and two-putted with his 3-wood for par. His two playing partners both three-putted 16 with a putter for bogey.

Also noticed that Will Zalatoris, who is tied for second one shot back of Justin Rose, has a shirt sponsorship from our own Simmons Bank.

Zalatoris is fun to watch. He has been hot of late. Rookies don’t usually do great at the Masters but he’s off to a great start.

I once broke a club in competition. It just snapped at hosel on a shot from fairway. I got to replace it.

Was a sentimental club, a pitching wedge given to me by Bud Campbell when I was 18. It was a Walter Hagen model. Basically, it was the same as a Wilson Staff model wedge.

I broke it when I was 38. So I played it a long time. I switched to Ping wedges that matched the rest of my set thereafter.

Clay have you ever played Augusta ?

I know first hand from a good friend of mine a really neat story … his son was dating a girl who’s family were members, and the son got the opportunity to work as a trash collector during the masters back in the 90’s… now that might not sound very interesting but here is what is so cool … first for payment he got two things, one they got to play 18 holes at Augusta National, and second they get to put down for life Augusta National as a job reference which is like WOW when applying for some jobs…

I just always thought that was cool

There are at least two other threads on the board where Clay talks about playing Augusta National

I guess you did not read my column yesterday. :crazy_face:

My brother Butch caddied there for 10 years. Had eye surgery this year. Could not see at distance well enough and retired from caddying last year.

Sorry , I’ve been pretty busy at the refinery the last couple days… I’ll read it for sure tomorrow…


The pin placement on 16 is a farce. That little shelf is about 20 by 20. A back right pin would be much better than that front right, right pin.

These guys are so good they need to put the pin in one of the bunkers on 16.

The back right is also on a tiny shelf. The easy pin is back left.

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