How to listen to the game with the shorthorns

… is in this article:

Will be interesting to see if they can handle all the traffic.

I loaded the Varsity Network app and they don’t have the exhibition game scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00 pm or any other time. They have both of the football games scheduled. I’ve searched all sports games for both Texas and Arkansas for tomorrow and nothing listed about the basketball game.?

I know Arkansas has it listed that way, but I’m not sure if it is going to be on the Varsity app. From what I understand, it is not going to be a full network broadcast on the Longhorns’ Learfield affiliates, but only on an FM station in Austin. In addition to Texas’ website, that FM station, 104.9 The Horn, has a website with a live stream, but the possibility exists that the site could be blacked out during that time.

This is the direct link to the Texas radio broadcast:

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Thanks. Hopefully it won’t be blacked out at game time.

So far no problem. They are about to tip it off.

Yeah, I’m also listening to the pre-game.

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