How to listen to game on a smart phone?

What’s the best approach? What works best?

I like the Arkansas Razorbacks Gameday app. There is a delay on it so it is difficult to sync with your TV, unless you have DVR. I have used it when I am out of town during basketball or baseball season.

I agree with Matt about using the gameday app for listening. You can start the audio and then close the app and turn off your screen, but the audio will continue to play. (That helps battery life - a lot.)

The app is pretty useless for other things, but it does the audio well.

I do exactly what Matt says…and I listen to 96.3 for their pre-pre game as well…also you can get the TV Razorback Gameday on their website and even their Facebook page. As a 54 year old that used to drive 200 miles for radio reception when we lived in Baton Rouge and Houston…this is still a little amazing!