How to hire a dad/brother to get a 5-star player

I was listening to Gary Parrish’s radio show today and he explained how to hire a family member in order to get a top prospect.
First you have to have an open assistant spot and there has to be a dad, brother, etc.who would like to be on staff.
He said that you offer the family member a one year contract worth a lot (he used $300,000 in the example) with a clause that the contract would renew plus a raise ($100,000 in the example) every year that the 5-star says on the team.
Everyone goes in with the understanding that the contract won’t be renewed when the player leaves, but that the family member is probably fine with that because they will get a bunch of money that they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.
It’s a perfectly legal way to get a player and you don’t have to commit to keeping the family member on staff past one or two years.
I assume this is how other colleges around the country have been doing things, but I hadn’t heard exactly how it works until now.

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Surely this does not happen in the world of NCAA basketball…

Assuming you’re being facetious, but Cade Cunningham’s brother is on staff at Ok State for this reason.

Someone a tad older than me, what was the deal with Allan Houston and his dad?

USC also is doing this… They hired Eric Mobley, father of Isaiah and Evan Mobley. Two highly touted recruits. Think Evan was the #1 recruit in the country this past class.

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Yes sir, I’m much older and it’s been going on for a long time.

My feeble attempt at sarcasm.

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Everybody does that sort of stuff.

Mike Anderson hired Marcus Monk as a grad assistant hoping he lands Malik and I bet if Malik came, Marcus would have the spot Scotty had at one time.

And then there are package deals like Todd Day and his half brother Darrel Anderson.

I got it.

Pistol Pete as an example

Memphis has done this several times…

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