How to get your firing announced

Look at the scroll during Bobby Petrino’s TV show.

No, I don’t like Petrino, but I dislike his cult in Arkansas even more. You people think we’d be competing with Alabama in the West if he had stayed. WRONG. Not any more than Louisville is competing with Clemson in the ACC.

The 2018 offensive numbers:
Points per game. Arkansas 25.4, Louisville 21.7 (worst in the ACC)
Passing yards per attempt. Arkansas 6.5, Louisville 6.5. Getting as much mileage per play as the passing wizard.
Rushing average Arkansas 4.4, UL 3.6. Our bad offensive line is getting 29 inches per play more than the “power spread”.
Total offense. Arkansas 362.2, Louisville 351.5.

Oh yeah, number of FBS teams defeated. Arkansas 1, Louisville 0.

Both teams are 2-8, but Chad Morris’ offense is better against a tougher schedule than Bobby Petrino’s. And Bobby has had the offense in place for five seasons, recruited everyone on the roster (or let his assistants recruit them). Very few of Chad’s recruits are seeing significant time on offense this year.

Well said, Swine. Thank you.

As a card carrying member of Bobby’s “cult” I take great pleasure in your dislike. I know that Bobby won at Arkansas big time by Arkansas standards. That is a fact. You, on the other hand, are stacking multiple (and many baseless) assumptions on top of one another to justify your dislike of Bobby, I guess just because he was mean to or offended a few people in the Broyles complex or at the Cotton Bowl.

If you don’t let it go, I won’t either.

We need a poll…

Does Swine hate BP more…or is it JR who hates BB the most? :lol:

I’m seriously concerned about you, man. Your hero is unemployed. Where will you go for worship? Western Kentucky? An NFL offensive coordinator?

I provide facts. You provide nothing except your mancrush for a coach who has proven he cannot sustain success anywhere. I repeat: He recruited every single player on this very bad Louisville team. Recruited them for his offense and the way he wants to play defense. And they’re getting killed in spite of his “genius”. There is zero reason to think he would have done any better here. Even with a Heisman Trophy winning QB, and inheriting Charlie Strong’s leftover talent, he never won more than 9 games in his second stay in Louisville. If he hadn’t stumbled across a player who far exceeded his expected performance (Lamar Jackson was a low 3-star out of Florida) he might have been fired even sooner.

Didn’t like his choice at the time and believe I was correct. He is a key player in the decline in Hog football. Not the only guilty party but near the top of the list!

Petrino is a jerk as a person and never actually does the leg work recruiting. He may be considered an offensive wizard by some but to me he is a train wreck waiting to happen. CBB was a great person whom just didn’t win enough games. Between the 2 coaches neither one was the answer at Arkansas. We have moved on to Coach Morris! We won’t know for at least 2 years what direction CCM will take the hogs but there’s only one way to go from the bottom where we currently sit. I never was a Petrino fan. I won’t ever support anyone who takes a job a walks out on his team like he did to the Falcons.
Nobody needs to worry about Petrino or CBB they both had hefty buyouts on their contract!

If you act like a terd then more than likely you are going to be treated like one as well! Couldn’t have happened the way it did to a finer person…enter sarcasm!!

Every NFL coach known to me HATES BP and his Atlanta exit. Mike Zimmer would like to enter the octagon with BP. NO GM or HC in the NFL will hire BP lest he wants to tear his coaching staff asunder. NO future for BP in the NFL, actually Collin K will get an NFL job before BP. Getting an assistant controller job with Nicky could be an option, after all Nicky is impervious and will pronounce BP reformed and a good coach… Actually Brohm might entertain the idea but is basically a good family man who would have to swallow hard to engage BP in a football conversation.


…Bobby won at Arkansas big time by Arkansas standards. That is a fact…

If you don’t let it go, I won’t either.


Unfortunately for Bobby, Petrino was tied to Louisville’s former AD. In fact, Petrino was scuttled by the B-ball problems in Cardinal-land…and when the new AD is against you with a mandate to clean house, this “firing” is what happens, especially after the recruits disappear (as they are smart of enough to see the handwriting).

Arkansas would be greatly ahead of the current scenario had we just disciplined Petrino, perhaps a penalty of a four or five game suspension. But, alas, we torched him (crucify him!!!), and simultaneously torched the program. Maybe never to return to the top 5.


The problem with revisionist history is, it seems more about the revising than about the history. Your revision seems to be focused more on the ADs who fired him than Petrino’s history. Many feel Petrino’s actions at Arkansas left no real choice, even though his short tenure had basically been successful to that point. While the Arkansas departure can be spun to shift the blame, at Louisville Petrino has little ground to be the victim, when the on field results are the product of his body of work i.e. poor recruiting, staff nepotism and subpar performance.

Sadly, a big part of the Petrino family are unemployed today. Bobby, a son and two son-in-laws. It comes as little surprise that Bobby would use the Louisville job to employ his family, since he was trying to use Arkansas to pay his girlfriend.

The problem with revisionist history is, it seems more about the revising than about the history.

[/quote]No revision. Petrino led the Hogs to two very nice seasons and was on a roll. Clearly he caused his problems. But, there are many Hog fans who think Long was too tough with a firing…not coincidentally Long was ultimately fired.

You are absolutely correct daBoar. Every one of these posters were cheering their butts off when Bobby was winning double digit games and going to the BCS. That includes SwineFusion and ArmyHog. Now, to make themselves feel OK about what Long and the school negligently did, they ASSUME Bobby would have flamed out at Arkansas. Ridiculous, hypocritical and unsupported opinions.

The guy wins. And Arkansas is a better football program than Louisville. He’d get guys here, moreso than Louisville. Who knows what he would’ve done here from 2012 to now? He didn’t need as much talent as others to win. And he’d always have a QB.

What I do know is that his body of work on the field was pure greatness by Arkansas standards. He needs to be given his due. No one needs to dance on his grave. He lifted us as a fan base. We won and won in spectacular fashion. Big bowls. Big notariety. You never thought you’d get outcoached with Bobby on the sidelines. He’d make adjustments and win games. Unlike Bielema. And unlike Morris thus far (whom I do like).

It’s a fact Petrino won here in 2010 & 2011. He probably would have won more in 2012 than Smith did. However, we know enough now about Petrino to conclude it’s more likely he would have taken the program downhill than to conclude he’d have won at a satisfactory clip. We now know just how badly he was recruiting. We can never know for certain what would’ve happened, but it sure seems to me the better bet is that he’d have ended up here the way he ended up at Louisville.

You know we’re having a bad year when folks are arguing over a guy that has not coached at Arkansas in well over 7 years.

Someday we’ll have better things to talk about.

I can’t wait.

:smiley: What he said…


This is my favorite Petrino worshipper post of all time. It even uses the word crucify. Just amazing.

Of course, even most of the most ardent Petrino supporters can at least admit the blatantly obvious—he absolutely crashed (pun intended) and burned at Louisville and he has no one to blame but himself. Not the new AD. Not Pitino. Himself.

He’s the one that recruited the God-awful team dotted with scum bags. He’s the one who ran off any and all reasonably competent DCs. He’s the one who hired THREE of his unqualified family members to pad the family coffers even though he’s now filthy rich. He’s the one who won ONE game against a Top 25 team in his entire 2nd Louisville tenure and routinely got boat-raced in a weak ACC.

I did cheer Petrino like crazy when he was here. Then, when all the stuff surrounding his firing came out, my opinion of him changed.

Why? Not just because it showed he’s the scumbag that people always said he was. But, because he showed himself to have zero character and to take steps that set in motion one of the dark eras of Razorback football.

It’s called being an adult and having the ability to reason given additional information and also being able to realize that actions have consequences. It’s not being the “morality police”. It’s just having common decency and perspective rather than an “all things are excused as long as you win” approach.

The truth of the matter is we will never know what would have happened here.

We have tons of evidence to suggest that it would have ended very badly because it has ended badly for every program and organization that he has ever touched.

And, that’s the way it will remain because he will never have another head coaching job of any consequence.

That’s a far cry from the multiple SEC and NCs all you fan boys predicted when he ran himself into the ditch and out of town.


The problem with revisionist history is, it seems more about the revising than about the history.

[/quote]No revision. Petrino led the Hogs to two very nice seasons and was on a roll. Clearly he caused his problems. But, there are many Hog fans who think Long was too tough with a firing…not coincidentally Long was ultimately fired.

[/quote]Not sure you read the whole post, my post acknowledged the success at Arkansas, just did not accept the other premise that Petrino’s firing was more due to the factors cited(new AD and basketball issues) than the issues with his football program.

One of the most important things a Head Coach (leader) has is to set a positive example for those who follow him. Winning a football game or games does not give anyone the right to blow off their responsibilities. To their players, the school or to their family. Recruiting is part of that job. Winning without morale standards is not acceptable period! Where’s the morale compass?
You sure never saw a post on any message board where I ever made any statement in support of BP. He’s not the type of person I would want to coach any of my kids or teach them anything about life!
Maybe in the future we can all have something positive to discuss!
One thing for sure CCM has done a good good crootin’. That’s positive.

Interesting back and forth. I cheered petrino when he was here. I root for any coach at Arkansas, not for the man but for our university. He made his own bed, he’s gone. No need for me to pile on him.

What I find interesting in reading these posts, lot of talk of his performance at Louisville. All the players are his. He recruited the mess it became. He had a couple of very good years there. There is apparent dislike and it seems even hatred for petrino as a person. But using the criteria as far as his recruits and results, if the same criteria were used say in Arkansas basketball, or the one year Arkansas baseball had an off year, a person would get slammed, cussed, berated, etc. we like those coaches as people.

So I think in the end it is more about despising someone rather than performance because the same criteria is not used for everyone. I think petrino does himself no favors in The likeability department and that is his own fault.