How to "Get Out"

I watched Last Chance U last week or so (what a train wreck). The thing that struck me was how the only goal or hope was to play in the NFL. It is fine to have that goal, but how about a realistic plan B. (How many JC guys make it to the NFL each year?).

Only once, did I hear a plan B talked about. A “way out” is right there in front of them for the taking. They can get that Associate Degree and then a BS/A from a 4 yr. school. That would open so many doors and would not cost them anything.

I think a disservice is being done to those young men when all that is stressed is the NFL. If it happens great, but that degree can happen. All they have to do is apply themselves.

I read a lot where our recruits say things like this is my ticket to the NFL (or NBA). That is fine and we want guys that have that chance, but I just hope the sure thing is being pointed out and stressed to them.

I know how much my two degrees from the UofA has meant to me. I hesitate to even think where I would be now without them. I wish the same for all young people.

Great post!

You are so right, Jim. Even if those kids make it to “the show” (whether NFL, NBA, or MLB), what happens afterwards? Even among those who make it, few last very long. Then they have a lifetime left. My degree (even though not from the U of A) made a world of difference for me.