How to define a perfect weekend

HOGS win

sooners lose

longhorns lose


And as an added bonus, Auburn fans whining about the refs…


Bowcthat’s so oxymoronic isn’t it Auburn fans complaining about sec refs

I am convinced SEC Refs:

“Are a box of Chocolates “ per Forest Gump

But they will affect the game

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Signed a five star hoops guy, too!


Yes, they will. I couldn’t believe those clowns in BR last night were going to make LSU re-punt because of a clock issue. Birmingham is on the horn going, “whoa, dudes, we can fix this, don’t be stupid”.

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And Auburn lost. And the Gaggies lost! and I bet the over on our season win total, so I made money out of it all. and hogs basketball won.

man, we don’t get many sports weekends like this.


Yeah, but unfortunately the FlopNecks won. I’ll take Jimbo over Joey Freshwater, thank you very much.

Ole Miss football: Never have so many been so proud of so little.


I was yelling at the officials on TV. Unless they blew the play dead before the snap, there is no way in hell they can negate the play because of the time keeper error. What if they made LSU kick again and we fumble the punt and LSU recovered. Or how about this, what if we did fumble away the kick on the original punt and LSU recovered, would the officials make them re-punt. I don’t think so.

As you said Swine, what a clown show!

The weekend was not quite perfect. Old Miss won.

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